Wednesday, April 1, 2009

19 weeks!

Wow~19 weeks today! Baby Bear ist he size of a mango, which leaves me wondering why I'm the size of a watermelong, but eh whatever! This last week, actually I think it happened over night on Monday I seemed to have popped again! Much higher & rounder then last week! I really do like how I look pregnant, I think my belly is great. However it still upsets me a bit when people say I am huge or make it sound like its something I can control, I eat healthy, and do my best, so oh well! I can't believe I am almost half way there, and Baby Bear & I had a little talk, he or she is coming between 37 & 38 weeks, so if you count that then I am half way! LOL This baby is movign so much now! I love it! Its still REALLY low in my belly but definetly baby. It can't be felt from teh outside yet, soon I hope, Les is so excited to feel it.
Tuesday is the "big" ultrasound. I am totally losing my nerve & SO tempted to find out what this peanut is! I MUST stay strong! I have always dreamed of a delivery room reveal & really want that still! Besdies I won't be able to resist shopping the way I have so far if I knew & I really want to wait until at least after my first shower before I do any shopping. I have been tempted to pick up a few things here or there but am trying really hard not too! LOL Although I have decided I am buying my own diaper bag & have found a few online i really like, so for now that is keeping my shopping occurpied!
We have officially registered! I think we are pretty much done with it as well! It went very well, it helped that I had looked online a lot before we actually went & for the most part knew what we were pickign out. I really struggled with the bottles tho, I ended up registering for some of the born free & some of the Dr.Brown's, hopefully Baby likes one of them. I also registered for 4 different kinds of pacifiers, I am bound & determined for this child to take a paci! Although I plan on motly breastfeeding & hope to do so exclusively for the first few weeks i do want the flexibility of bottlefeeding as well & plan to introduce a bottle between 4 & 6 weeks so we need to be prepared.
Before I got pregnant, even before we started trying I useed to say to Les "I want a baby" I still find myself saying that soemtimes. He just laughs at me. I still can't believe how blessed we are, and that we are going to be parents. I'll be honest, some days it scares the scrap out of me. Most of the time I am just thrilled about it tho! I have dreamed forever about being a mom & I am so happy its comign true. I just hope I can be everything this baby deserves.

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