Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have spent my entire day in my PJs, mostly in bed. This is not a common occurance, even tho I have been off work, but today I am suffering from some terrible bug.
I spent sometime on the phone with one of my besties, a friend who I am also lucky enough to work with. She was filling me in on soem the new occurances at the hospital in my 3 week absence. This made me realize something. I love what I do, I really do. I am very blessed to take part in such an amazing moment in the lives of these families. I work as a registered nurse in our local family birthing centre, I work both post partum and labour & delivery. Its a wonderful happy place. However as much as I love it, its hard. Working in a world with 150 other women can be trying, we all tend to have strong personalities. We also do shift work, being part-time these shifts vary from day to day, we can flip from nights to days with only 24 hrs in between, physically this is very demanding.
My friend is considering leaving our area, this makes me sad, because I love working with her, of course we were friends first & always will be despite being coworkers or not, its just like a bonus. She is finding the job just as demanding and in addition ,they have a little one & are planning on addign to the family in the next year or so, they find child care very difficult, financially she has had to pick up extra shifts in other areas to help out. This has really got me thinking about out plans for me returning to work after Baby Bear comes.
I am totally the kind of women who had thrive as a stay at home mom. I love cooking, baking, crafts, outings, etc. Sadly this is not a possibility for us. Financially we both have to work. However me being off has financially cut our budget back some. I think it has helped me to see that I can definetly work part-time, and at least be home a good chunk of time with Baby Bear. Also thankfully, we live in Canada so I will have a whole year off before I even face this prospect. I think by being part-time I can work my scheduel & shifts around Les' master schedule in a way that we will not require outside childcare, besides my mom. Eventually we plan on putting baby bear in a montessori type preschool by ideally s/he will be at least 2 or 3 before then.
Obviously this is one of those things I will just continue to pray about & leave in God's hands. I know it will all work out. I had an amazing childhood & know that my mom being hoem with us had a lot to do with this. I hope that I can find the right balance between home & work and give my child wonderful memories as well.

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