Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eliya is 1 and Logan is 4!

I truly miss blogging, reading, writing, sharing. I love it. I wish I wasn't so torn and overwhelmed with the rest of our crazy life and I coudl be more regular around here again...
We are doing amazing!
Our sweet girly turned 1 on March 22!
(and since she's crepping up on 18 months I should share!)

 We had an elephant themed party with gray and pink. I am thrilled with how
it turned out! We were blessed with lots of visitors and fun on her special day!
 Eliya has grown way too quickly! She's so sweet and fun and smart and strong.
She's my indepdent little lady! She knows what she wants and lets you
know when she's not happy!
At just shy of 18 months she is talking A LOT! Today she said her name!
She is also my little climber! She still sleeps great in her crib but I've lost
the convenience of the pack n play! EEK!
She is still nursing, which I am so grateful for.
She's a good eater and sleeper. She loves her balnkey and baby and
insists on bows and accessories daily!
She's my girly girl.
My sweet Logan turned 4 in July.
This kid is special. There is just something about him.
He's sweet and soft, and affectionate.
He's a pleaser, and he loves his mama.
I'm so afraid he's going to get hurt in this scary world.
This boy made me a mama, he's a dream come true.
At 4 he can spell his first and last name, as well as a handful of
other words.
He can recognize all his letters and numbers to 10. He can count to 20.
He knows his shapes and colours
He adores his sister and is an amazing big brother.
I'm jsut focusing on loving the heck out of these two and being the mommy
they deserve. I love them more than anything.
I'm working part time as a nurse still
And I'm slowly working closer to completing my Masters Degree.
I have faith that this work and sacrifice today will pay off.
I will get a job somewhere I love. I will be home in the evenings, and at night and holudays and weekends. It will all be worth it.
For now I'm tired but in love with my life.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eliya 9 months!!

Eliya you are 9 months old!! You are the light of our lives.
I wish I could put into words how much we all adore you, especially Logan.
He is an amazing big brother to you, and youjust light up the second you see him!
Nothing has brought me the kind of joy you sweet babies have, and seeing you love on
eachother makes my heart explode.
You are such a fun and happy and BUSY girl. You have been crawling fast for sometime,
you are into everything. You pull up quickly and efficiently, often with a toy in your hand!
You can squat down to pick something up and easily be back up!
You can walk with furniture or a push toy and just receantly you have started letting go and standing
for a few moments at a time with no support!
You are so happy and smiley. And its contagious!
You are growing quickly but seem so petite to us at the same time!
You are 19lbs and 30", which is the 66th %tile for weight and 95th fir height!!
You wear size 3 diaper, size 6-12 month clothes and size 2 shoes!
You LOVE to eat! You eat three solid meals a day and you eat everything.
You still nurse 5-7 times, a few of those times are still at night! You will finally take a bottle
which makes things much easier on your mama!
You sleep well in your own crib and think mama's bed is just for fun. Stinker.
You have 6 teeth! 4 on the top and two on the bottom, although I think the other 2 down there
aren't too far behind.
Your hair is just starting to come in and it sticks straight up in the back, I adore this.
People always comment on your eyes, they are a beatiful shade of grey and very unique.
Your asian features seem to be much stronger then Logans. You are absolutely beautiful.
You babble lots and we hear consistent mama, dada and Hi, still listening for your version of Logan, I'm sure it will be one of your first words, you just love him so!
Your a happy girl, you do well in the car and you like to shop, especially if I remember to bring snacks. You drink well from a sippy cup!
You favourite toys are your brothers cars! You still like to jump and your exersaucer.
Auntie Dee just taught you how to growl and its pretty hilarious.
Ellie, you are an amazing gift. You are strong willed and determined, I think you have quite a bit of your mama in you. I hope that I can teach you to be a strong confident women, to know that there is no limit to your success. You deserve everything  you desire if you work at it.
I thank God everyday for blessing me with you and your brother.
I love you both to the moon and back.
I just don't write as much as I should or want's a bit of catch up if anyone is still reading, or perhaps just for me :)
8 months November 22, 2012
7 months October 22, 2012
A few random photos of my loves. These kids are amazing, some days
I'm not sure ho I got so lucky, and most days I know we are all exactly
where we are supposed to be.
They give me more joy then I knew was possible. And while our lives are mostly chaos, its amazing and worth every single second of it, even the nights we don't get much sleep!
Ellie January 2013, playing princesses!
Logan and Eliya January 2013, playing before bed!
December 2012 Christmas shopping/napping!
Eliya New Years Eve!
Walking with her baby!
Santa Visit December 2012
Christmas photos December 2012
Christmas Eve 2012
Logan & Elle missing their Auntie
Pumpkin Picking October 2012
My pirate and parrot Halloween 2012
Ellie in her baptism gown, October 2014. I had it made from my wedding gown.
I adore it and hope she cherishes it as much as I do one day.
I'm not making promises because life is just insane. But I really hope to update more and soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Eliya at 6 months!

My sweet girl, you are 6 months old!
You are such a fun little lady to have around! Time is going by way too quickly!
You weigh 16lbs 12 oz (61ist %tile) and 26" long (52nd %tile) you are just slightly longer and lighter then your big brother was at the same age.
You wear size 3 diapers and 6 month and 6-12 month clothing.
You are in size 1 or 2 shoe.
You still let me put those sweet headbands on your head, which surprises many people!
You are a BUSY girl! You've had the army crawl down for a few weeks now and this week you are spending more and more time up on your knees! You have also been doing push ups on to your toes! You can also get up to sitting but aren't quite steady enough to let go of one hand. 
You are such a happy baby. All it takes is a "hi!" and you have a HUGE smile. You get so excited youjust can't even stand straight you do a sweet little twist! You are very talkative and loud, you yell and squeel and we love it.
You ADORE your big brother. He gets the biggest smiles. He's pretty in love with you too!
Sleep isn't so great right now. You prefer to sleep in your crib but your still waking several times a night. You go down around 8:30 and your up by 11/12 for your first feed then again around 3/4 and again around 6, and thats often for the day, sometimes I manage to get you back to sleep until 7 or 8.
We just started you on solids in the last week. I planned on doing strictly BLW but you seem to really enjoy the cereal and purees I made for you so we will stick with this for a while. You are finally taking a bottle well but have yet ot have formula, just mama milk.
You are a nursing champ, you are still nursing lots, usually mid morning before your nap, again mid afternoon and a few more times in the evenings.
You have a little "lovey" that you like to suck and chew on, you get it to sleep and whenever you are fussy or in your car seat.
You are the perfect addition to our family. You make us all so proud and happy. I wish you would slow down a bit tho, its makes your mama sad!  We love you princess pants!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A tooth!

My sweet little lady got her first tooth today! At less then 5 months!
She's not too impressed with it and is pretty cranky at the moment.
She is growing way too fast for this mama's liking. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ellie is 4 months old!

 Eliya you are 4 months old! I can't believe how fast time is going by,
you are growing and changing every day
You are 14lbs 7oz (50th %tile) and 24 inches long (30th %tile).
You are longer and leaner then your big brother at the same age *he was 15lbs 2oz and 22 inches
You wear size 2 diaper and are somewhere between 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.
You are such a happy baby. You smile and coo ALL the time. All it takes is a smile and a "Hi!" and you get so excited. When you smile you let out a little giggle and you get so excited that you twist your whole little body!
You are ticklish especially on the neck and squeel in delight when I lotion you after bethtime each night.
You are a mama's girl and happiest with me. You still love to be worn in our sling
and your not a great fan of the stroller.
You sleep on your belly and just this week have moved to your crib.
Sometimes you sleep thru the night and sometimes you wake up. You were sleeping awesome but this last week has brought about a lot of changes, including in your sleep!
You like to nurse a lot every 3 hours or so, and you WILL NOT take a bottle at all.
This stresses mama out a bit but we will make it work!
You have been rolling back to belly since July 3rd and each day you get a bit better. This week you can also go belly to back, you can make your way right across the livingroom!
You are also creeping a bit, this shocked mama!
You love toys and your little lovies.
You won't take a paci but you love to hold and chew on a blankie.
You are so strong! You like to play in your exersaucer and jolly jumper.
But we have to be super careful because you can excape your bumbo
and sit straight up in your bouncer!
You adore your big brother and he is in love with you!
I love watching the two of you together and pray that you will grow into great friends!
Eliya, we love you so much. We aren't sure if you are the last of our babies, but if you are you certainly complete every dream we ever had.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ELiya is 3 months old!

Eliya, my sweet baby girl you are 3 months old!
Time is going by far too quickly for me!
You have turned into such a sweet and happy baby!
You started smiling in the last few weeks and it just melts me.
You smile at just about anyone willing to talk to you, and boy do you like to talk!
You coo and already "talk" to us!
We figure once you find real words your going to have LOTS to say!
You absolutely adore your brother, he gets the most smiles from you.
And Ellie does he love you! It warms my heart completely to see already the love you have for eachother, he says your his best friend and I hope it stays that way!
You are a great little eater! You still nurse every 3 or so hours during the day, and usually only once at night.
You are a great sleeper. You go to bed around 8 or 9 pm and sleep until 1 or 2 am if you wake and then again until 5:30/6:00am when you come into my bed and nurse/snuggle/sleep till around 8:30.
You have even given me 8-9 hours once or twice!
You like ot be held and worn in my ring sling a lot, you are NOT a fan of your carseat or the stroller. You sleep really well in your rock n play, I think it helps your reflux.
You wear size 1-2 diapers and will likely move to 2 when this package is done.
You wear size 0-3 month clothes and are just starting to wear some 3-6 month clothes.
Mommy LOVES dressing you up, you have far too many hairbows and for now you tolerate it REALLY well!
You won't take a Guk at all but you love to hold on to your blankies and chew on them.
You weigh 13 lbs! You've grown so much already.
You still have blue eyes which amazes us all they are so pretty. And you have the best little cheeks and an adorable dimple when you smile.
Eliya you make us feel so full and complete. You are more then we ever dreamed another baby would bring this family.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

13 week comparison

My babies both at 13 weeks in the same outfit. Time is going by WAY too fast!
I'm loving every minute (or at least reminding myself too!)
3 month post coming this week!