Friday, November 20, 2009

For me

Here is my sweet little man & me, and although I love this photo because its me & my boy I also hate it. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life, I can't blame it all on Logan either, when I got pergnant I was the heaviest at that point. I have lost most of my pregnancy weight, just 7 more pounds to go, but overall I would like to lost 60 lbs. That is a HUGE number its so daunting. But I can do it, I have to do it, for Logan and for me!

I joined weight watchers this week, so far its going really good. Its work but its going to be so worth it. I want to look back at these pictures and love everything about them. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. I want to feel good about myself.

Logan doesn't have good "genes" when it comes to weight issues. I am overweight, I have always struggled with my weight, so has Les. So have both of our parents and it just keeps going back. I want Logan to at least have healthy lifestyle habits, and I want to be an example of that. So now I am taking the first step. I am on my way, and I am feeling very motivated about it!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleep is for Babies....

And since my boy *thinks he's not a baby anymore, there is not much sleep to be had around here. Logan has decided that his days can be filled with much more exciting activities. He is starting to notice so much more & do more things...I think his sweet little head is in overdrive he just can't unwind. Daddy & him finally caught up on a little sleep together here. I love L's finger in Les' collar, L always does this!
Logan's really starting to notice and interact with all the different toys in his exersaucer! He can make the animal sounds by pushing the buttons and make the globe turn as well!

He has also really started to enjoy TV! Opps! I know this isn't the *best for him. But I limit it to 30 minutes a day. After playtime in the morning on his mat he goes in his rocker and watches a show or DVD. He loves anythign that has bright colours & music! Sesame Street, anything treehouse, Baby Einstein and Praise Baby are smong his favourites. And the 30 minutes give me time to make breakfast, eat & tidy up a bit.

This is one of my big boy's new tricks! He has really been noticing his toys lately, and finally all on his own he grabbed his monkey & got the foot in his mouth!! He also turned 180 degrees on his playmat! Little monkey! HE has rolled from belly to back a few more times and I think he his on his way to back to belly, he was half way there the other night!
He is growing entirely too quickly, its amazingly bittersweet!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A day in our life

Look at this baby!! Isn't he just delicious!? I love this little sporty outfit! The shoes are his first pair of Jordan's! Les keeps telling him not to let anyone step on his J's LOL!!

I thought I would write out what our typical day is like, because I am sure one day I won't remember what it was like when he was this small, even tho right now he seems so big!

I never intended on putting Logan on any type of schedule, he just kind of fell into one on his own. I am a big fan of routine tho and think that his bedtime routine has helped tons!

6:00/6:30am-Logan wakes up to nurse. Me or Les get him & bring him in our bed, he nurses off of one side in sidelaying and we both fall back asleep.

8:00/8:30am-Up for the day. Change Logan's diaper & dress him. Logan goes on his playmat and I put his music on. He plays by himself while I get myself breakfast & check my email.

9:00-Logan is done playing alone, I read to him or do tummy time with him.

9:30-Logan nurses and usually nurses to sleep. He naps for about an hour, usually on my lap or in his bouncy chair or swing. I try to shower while he naps!

10:30/11:00-Logan wakes up. He goes in his bouncy chair or exersaucer and watches some TV (he likes sesame street & baby einstein) or we read or play. Sometimes he goes in his bouncy chair while I do my hair if we are going out.

12:00/12:30-Logan nurses again and has another nap. He usually falls alseep while nursing. Sometimes I will bundle him up & go for a walk or we will go out & he naps in the moby or carseat. He usually sleeps for about 2 hours.

2:30-Logan is up, he nurses and then sits on my lap and we talk. I get the biggest smiles this way!

3:00-5:00-Logan will watch me make dinner, sitting in his highchair or bouncy seat, if he is fussy I will wear him. We play on the floor or read or just snuggle.

5:15-Logan has his bath and gets in his PJs. He nurses and we snuggle.

6:30-start bedtime routine, lights out, music on, nurse, rock to drowsy in crib. He is usually asleep by 7:00pm

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick babe

My sweet little man just isn't himself today. Of course they day after I have surgery my poor babe has to get his first fever....
My surgery went well, thank you for the prayers and warm wishes. I came home and slept most of yesterday, thankfully Les & my mom were here to take care of me & Logan.

I was so happy when Logan slept 12 hours again last night, now I wonder if its because he wasn't feeling well. He has just been "off" all day, he has a fever and I can't tell if maybe a cold or teething. Whichever, he is not a happy boy. It breaks my heart. I let him sleep on me & nurse off and on most of the day. He was super clingy and sleepy and just not my sweet smiley boy. After some Tylenol later followed by Motrin he has settled and is in his crib. I have the angel care monitor on, but know I will be a paramoid momma in & out of his room touching his sweet head all night long. For the second night in a row I am asking for your prayers, tonight for my sweet boy & any other sick little ones out there.

Monday, November 9, 2009


To all my friends and readers I am asking for your prayers tonight. I go first thing in the morning for surgery, I am gaving my gallbladder removed. I have faith that God will bring me thru this surgery and return me home to my family quickly. Please keep me in your prayers.

You are my Sunshine

Dear Logan,

My sweet boy, you are my sunshine, I tell you this everyday when I sing to you while I change your diaper. You are the best thing that has ever happened to your daddy and I. It was just a year ago when we decided we wanted to have a little baby of our own, and although I knew that I would love my baby and being a mommy I NEVER knew it would be like this. I had no idea the kind of love I would have for you or how amazingly complete and happy you make me feel.

My days now are filled with so much love and happiness, especially when you give me giant smiles like in the picture above. We have such a fun time together. Most of our days start off early, because you have deicded to make momma (or at least try to) a morning person! We play and sing, you make me so happy even tho a lot of the time I don't get to shower or eat a real meal-you are so amazingly worth it. Bedtime is such a special time for us, it starts with a bath, sometimes I put you in the big tub all by yourself with bubbles, you splash and kick and have so much fun. When you are fussy or we have extra time mommy takes a bath with you, you love this and I love all the snuggles. Once you are all cozy in your PJs we rock, I turn on some lullabyes, and you just love music. Then momma feeds you are snuggles you until you are very sleepy, some nights, like tonight I let you fall asleep in my arms and then I just hold you. Even in the middle of the night when you wake up, I love those moments. Those special little times, just the two of us.

Every single day when I pray I thank God for you, my amazing little miracle. I pray that God blesses you and keeps you safe and healthy, and happy. I pray that God helps me to be a good mommy and help you to grow into a strong good man. I also pray for your future wife. Although its hard for me to imagine you being that grown I pray that God has a special little girl out there for you. For now I will continue to enjoy my special days with you. I love you so much, and so does your daddy. We could never imagine our life without you.

I will love you forever,
Momma xoxo

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Big Month!!

I have a sweet little calendar my mom bought me to record Logan's first year. I sat down to review this past month (October) and I can't believe what a big month it was for my little man!

He started socially smiling, cooing, babbling and laughing at us! Its adorable to see!
He rolled over from belly to back during tummy time! I have yet to catch it on camera tho!

He used his exersaucer for the first time & he really enjoys it! He LOVES to stand!

He started STTN!!! he generally sleeps 8-12 hours at night now.

He drank water from a sippy cup for the first time! He still needs some help but does really well!

He just keeps growing right before my eyes! It really is the most amazing rewarding thing ever.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Do you see how upset my sweet boy is here? Thats EXACTLY how I am feeling!

I hate that its flu season! I hate all the terrible stories I keep reading. A 2 month old just died in our province, that horrifies me. I want to do everything in my power to protect him, and I feel so helpless. I just want my baby to be well.
L is too young for the shot himself and I would like to get it because I am breastfeeding but I had an allergic reaction to the seasonal flu shot before that was very severe. My doctor is not willing to risk that. Ugh I hate this!

I am doing as much as I can from the natural preventative approach. Loading up on healthy whole foods & vitamins, staying hydrated, frequent handwashing, avoiding crowds etc. I actually would love to build a giant bubble for us to live in but I guess thats a little extreme?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Logan's 1st Halloween!

We had so much fun this Halloween! Logan just makes everything so amazing! Halloween started a little rough for us! I am pretty sure L is teething &/or going thru a growth spurt. He spent the entire day, from 10am-3pm fussing, crying & only happy at the breast. Even in his sleep. He didn't really nap, just lightly dozed while nursing only to awake if I dare unlatch him. It was exhausting. I almost cancelled our plans. We went to my mom's who quickly agreed L seemed to be in pain, so a dose of Tylenol later & we seemed to have a much happier boy. Thank goodness! We also visited Les' parents and then I brought L trick or treating to a few neighbours. After we handed out candy to all the little trick or treaters we headed to the neighbours for L's first party! I was so worried about how he would be. He was AMAZING! HE happily dozed off & on in my arms, or those of a few others. He didn't cry once. I couldn't believe it! He was so happy in the chaos of kids & parents & fun & noise. It was great. he finally fell into a deep sleep around 1am!! We brought him home around 2:30 am & put him right in his crib, he slept thru till 8am! We had such a nice time!
Here's my little man in a happier moment as we were headed out for visits! This was his Halloween outfit, it said " I love my mummy". He looked so stinkin cute in it!
Here's my little chicken! I could just eat him up! He loves standing up like this & can do it just holding on to my fingers! He is getting so strong!

Logan all ready for trick or treating with his Elmo treat bucket with & sippy cup "treat" from Grandma!
We had so much fun with pumpkin carving! I love this photo! L wasn't so impressed, but it was worth it for this keepsake!