Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Do you see how upset my sweet boy is here? Thats EXACTLY how I am feeling!

I hate that its flu season! I hate all the terrible stories I keep reading. A 2 month old just died in our province, that horrifies me. I want to do everything in my power to protect him, and I feel so helpless. I just want my baby to be well.
L is too young for the shot himself and I would like to get it because I am breastfeeding but I had an allergic reaction to the seasonal flu shot before that was very severe. My doctor is not willing to risk that. Ugh I hate this!

I am doing as much as I can from the natural preventative approach. Loading up on healthy whole foods & vitamins, staying hydrated, frequent handwashing, avoiding crowds etc. I actually would love to build a giant bubble for us to live in but I guess thats a little extreme?


Nikki Scanlon said...

I feel the same way, wish I could build a bubble around all 3 of my kids. We were all able to have the H1N1 vaccine, but it really stressed me out, to get it or not to get one has died with it here on PEI yet (that I have heard, or remember hearing)but it is so scary! I hope you guys stay healthy all winter long!


Mitzi G.!! said...

It sounds like you are doing everything to make sure you guys all stay healthy & I am sure that you will!!

Laura said...

I know exactly how you feel! My little one just turned 8 weeks and I am sooo paranoid about it. I didn't even go over to my sister's for our annual halloween get-to-gether because I was paranoid about all the neighborhood kids that come over. She hasn't even met her cousins yet that are in day care because I am so afraid they will give her something. They have been sick alot lately. It sucks because that means I don't get to see my neices very much right now either. I am also worried about when I go back to work next month that I will bring something home to her. Just about everyone I know has been sick lately and there have been a ton of H1N1 cases. I can't wait till she's 6 mos old, so I can chill out a little.