Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 weeks~

I know I say it every week, but I jsut can't believe how far along I am!! 30 weeks is BIG! 10 more weeks and I will have my sweet little BB in my arms. WE have so much to do before then!! I have a lot of cupboards & closests that need major sorting. However shy of taking the carseat out of the box we are pretty close to being prepared for BB!

How far along? 30 weeks!
Total Weight Gain?I weighed myself at mom's & it said DOWN 2 lbs (it was the same as DR.J's immediately after the appt). I will just leave it at 15 lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Seriously, how can I be outgrowing maternity clothes! I have some cute summer tanks I bought on clearance last fall that its been fun to wear tho!
Stretch Marks? Lots, more on the lower bump, hips & a few on the thighs/groin area.
Sleep? Deoends on the night, last night I slept 8 hrs STRAIGHT! IT was bliss (except how my legs felt from waking up with a kitty sleeping on them). Most nights I am up super late but usually once I am asleep its a pretty goos sleep. Still tired a lot tho!
Best Moment this week? Just feeling BB move & wiggle so often.
Food Cravings? applesauce, white cake, fruit juice.
Gender? I'm back to having no idea!
Labour Signs? Nope :) I have hada few BH contractions tho.
Belly Button? almost completely flat!
What I miss the most? Fitting in a bathing suit, eraching my toes to paint them!
What am I looking forward to the most? Getting everything ready & havign a final few weeks as husband & wife.
Milestones? Just making it this far :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Weekend with pics!

We had a nice little weekend! Even tho Les had to work, which made it go by fast! I will give a few highlights, starting with today. It ended up beign a pretty nice day despite the rough start! I woke up to no hto water!! We had plans to meet friends for breakfast & I looked pretty nasty, so I had to take a cold (like FRIGID!) shower! Les called the water heater company (we rent) and after much hassle it was fixed later this afternoon! Before that I had to remind my dear husband that this is CANADA, as he blamed our lack of hot water on me "using it all up" with my nightly baths. Umm honey, the tank continuously heats it! It ended up needing a whole part repalaced!

We made it to meet my old friend, Becky for breakfast. It was nice to see her & her husband, Andrew. Becky also has endometriosis & after one loss in their TTC journey & close to a year they too are expecting! She is exactly 12 weeks behind me, here is a photo of the 4 of us, me almost 30 weeks, Becky almost 18! They find out tomorrow what they are having, I am so excited for them! They gave us a beautiful blanket for the nursery & some clothes, we love them!

After breakfast we came home & had a quiet afternoon. I did a bit of housework. We were hopeing to make it to the river front to the Red Bull Air Races, but we had to wait around for the repair man. We really hope the races coem back next year, we will buy tickets & bring our little one! We napped & watched the races on TV, which was a good compromise, now Les is at work for the night. I worked on some stuff for shower #2 next month (I won't get started on that!).

Les had to work days yesterday. I made a delicious crock-pot meal of chicken & dumplings in between of shoppign with my sister & relaxing. Once Les got home we ate & then just spent the night relaxing in bed watching TV. Les fell asleep petting Calvin. In the photo above they are both sound asleep, with Les' hand on Calvin's head! Yes thats a cat bed in our bed, we love our kitty a bit too much!

Finally, meet Colby. This is my little cousin's new puppy! How cute is he, dont' you just want to snuggle him up! He is only 7 weeks old, & super tiny, around 3lbs! We were debating about getting a puppy this spring & then I got pregnant, so we have decided to delay it, however this makes me want one!! I am puppy sitting for her on Tuesday whiel she is in school!

Here is one last photo, I am in the nursery (which is what I spent the majority of the weekend finsihing, but thats another blog, to follow soon!) rocking little Colby! He just snuggles into you like a newborn babe! And of course my mom's dog, Tucker needed to be rocked as well!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Shower!

I have my shower photos back! My first shower, put on by my mom & sisters was this past Sunday. The day was completely perfect! I helped with some of the planning as in the family I tend to be the most organized & the party planner. I will keep the text short so you can just enjoy the pictures! The day was wonderful, we were able to have most of it outside, undre a pavillion, it was casual & relaxed but very put together at the same time!

Oh and we did not hire a professional photographer, however my aunt is a photographer so I am blessed enough to have pro pictures from all my events

An interesting shot of my bump & pretty crosage, all white flowers with pink & blue ribbon!
The buffet! It went over SO WELL, we had all cold easy to prepare & eat luncheon type foods.
Another shot of the yummy food. We had the sandwiches catered & made everything else (assorted salads, veggies, crackers & cheese, taco dip, egg rolls, etc).
The dessert table! We made these fruit kebobs ourselves, they were a big hit & so yummy!

Dessert table again, the vase is holding sugar cookies & pinwheel cookies on sticks. Everyone loved these. We also had assorted cookies & sweets.
Personalized water bottles, another big hit. I made the template on Publisher. The back had nutrition facts that listed, love, hugs, kisses, etc.

We had pink & blue punch, everyone loved this! They were so yummy & no one missed soda!

All the generous gifts! We were so blessed! WE got our PNP, travel system, convenience stroller, snap & go, tub, diaper genie, bumbo, & so so much more! Plus all our nursery furniture!

The favours. We made the labels they said "A Bun on the oven" and my name & date, then on the bottom it said "Such great joy, will it be it a girl or a boy? Only time will tell if we need pink or blue, we know we'll be ready, thanks to you!" they were filled with assorted homemade mini muffins.
The centrepieces. My mom made all of these by hand. They are cookie bouquets made up in baby themed gift bags! The cookies were bottles, rattles, onesies, etc. Everyone loved them!
One of my gifts with an adorable little bib! So cute!!

Another one, we invited guests to bring their favourite books to add to BBs library if they wanted & had a great response! I have been reading to him or her every night!

We did bib & onesie decorating, it went over really well! A few kids got a little carried away, but overall the results were awesome!

My sister's onesie for baby baer!

My mom's idea, to make a bump board that had all my weekly photos. Everyone LOVED this, so many people have not seen me at all this pregnancy, the really enjoyed seeing the changes!

Me with the cake! It was awesome! It was a clothesline theme, which was our "loose" theme of the shower. There was NONE left over!!

I LOVE this photo of my bump & the cake/sweet table. She did such a good job!!

Outside decorations!

My cousin hard at work making a bib for Baby Bear!!

Open gifts, I got these REALLY cute bibs from my 5 year old cousin! This one says "If mommy's not happy, nobodys happy (And its probably daddy's fault!)"

Opening gifts! Lots of yellow! We only ended up getting about 5 outfits & 8 onesies! Ranging from 3-12 months, so we may have soem shopping to do! (yay!!)

Les came towards the end of gift opening to help & thank all of our generous guests!

The clothesline with a few gifts & craft projects!

Les & I with my mom and his parents. No need to point out who's who!

My mom, sisters & I! They were great hosts! I am the oldest (26 years old), sisters are Niki, 25 in pink & Danielle, 24 in blue, mom is in black. Tucker, the dog is mom's only "son"!

Three sisters & my little cousin, Meg, who was super helpful with everything!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

29 weeks!

Here I am! 29 weeks! Ummm I am getting big! Haha, oh well!! I finally got a much needed hair cut as well! OK on to the survey.....

How far along? 29 weeks!
Total Weight Gain? I saw Dr. J this week, up another 3 lbs (in so many weeks), which puts me at 15 lbs! That could slow down now! LOL
Maternity Clothes? Everything, hoping (other then a new shirt for shower #2 & a dress for a wedding) I can make what I have stretch! Foudn a great consignment store tho!
Stretch Marks? I hate these! Still the same on the bottom of the bump, a few on my hips & a couple popped up on my upper thighs....lovely
Sleep? I have trouble getting to sleep, however once I am asleep its pretty good, I wake up to pee a lot & sometimes wake up with sore hips from laying on my sides, but I fall back asleep pretty easily. Ia m tired often still tho.
Best Moment this week? My first baby shower, it was perfect & I was completely overwhelmed by everyones generosity.
Food Cravings? Strawberry limeade & lime slurpees, fruit, almonds, chocolate.
Gender? Just today I was kinda think it may be a she???
Labour Signs? Nope :)
Belly Button? almost completely flat!
What I miss the most? Actually work a bit! Summer cocktails, money!
What am I looking forward to the most? Watching Les be a daddy!
Milestones? I had an ultrasound & the placenta has officially moved enough to have a vaginal delivery. baby is head down & looks great, I was measurign 28 weeks, so this child is not huge! WooHoo ( I am still terrified of delivery tho!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

General Update & Pics!

I have been an awful blogger!! I am so behind, and that I am just writing this one "update" blog to bring me up to today, I just dont' have the time or energy to be more detailed! On top of that the pictures I loaded are backwards in time order, but we'll just go with it.

Yesterday was my first baby shower! While the morning was a little hectic and we had a few small crisis it all turned out to be absolutely perfect! Being that I was blessed with a professional photographer in the family I am waiting on my photos still. As soon as I get them I will do a whole blog wiht all the details since it was just so great! Everyone was so generous, I was very overwhelmed, this is one very loved baby already!

This is our nursery when I got everything into the house & put in there (except the big items!). We were gifted our travel system, pack & play, convenience stroller, & so much more. I am also very thankful that last night my mom & sister came over & helped me tackle this, between the 3 of us everything was put away & organized in under an hour!
A good friend of ours offered to do some artwork for the nursery, I was so nervous! She originally offered a mural, but took her up on some canvas painting. I think they turned out wonderful! They are a grouping of four, on the back is a poem for baby as well. They still need to be hung, but I am very pleased with them!

Although I am still thinking baby bear is a boy I decided I needed to make an infant size tutu in case its a Lexi in there! I made a pink & green one & added ribbon. Calvin was sweet enough to model it for all of you! I am so pleased with how it turned out & we will be doing newborn photos in this if it is a girl!
Finally, here is my 28 week bump. I know I completely missed my weekly update! We will just skip it for now. I am doing good, I think I popped again this week! I am starting to get really uncomfortable sitting up or trying to bend over. There are defiently places I just can't reach anymore! haha. I see Dr. J tomorrow & I have an ultrasound as well. We are checking on how big this baby is as well as if my placenta has cleared enough for a vaginal delivery. So I will give a full 29 week report then!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our First Anniversary!

Yesterday, May 31st was our first wedding anniversary! It was so special! We have always had grand plans of how we would celebrate this event. In our usual style it involved travel, either somewhere tropical or perhaps just a weekend away to a B&B or a spa~oh and of course champagne or perhaps our favourite wine. However, none of this was included in our day. It was still very special to us. Dr.J could not OK time away due to all the complications I had early on. We considered staying at a local hotel, or perhaps the casino but financially this did not make sense since we have a lovely cozy King size bed at home & of course I am still on pelvic rest.

So what did we do? Well we had a very sweet weekend, that was mostly just the two of us! On Saturday morning I woke up, got my breakfast and sat down with my favourite edition of the paper. As I always do, I turned to my favourite section, the announcements. This is where everything from births, to graduations, to weddings, etc are announced. How surprised was I to find OUR wedding picture there! My amazing husband put a very sweet announcement in for me! Have a look!

Afterwards we spent Saturday going to a mom2mom sale, where we bought the cutest little chicken costume for BB to wear this Halloween! Then we did some yard sales, where we didn't find too much. The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing & BBQing~just us!

Sunday we woke up, Les was up really early! And we were off to church, I was surprised by how many people remembered it was our anniversary! We received many well wishes as well as congrats on the baby. After mass we went for Dim Sum with Les' parents. They were VERY insistent on celebrating with us & were pretty upset that they were not included in our evening plans! After lunch we came home for a rest before our dinner plans. Les made the reservations at one of our favourite restaurants that we had not been to in several years. We had a really nice dinner, pasta for me & lamb for Les. After dinner we stopped at Starbucks for a treat to go with our thawed top tier of the wedding cake. We were both pretty upset to find that the cake was not good at all, it was sour, it smelled awful & the tiniest taste confirmed my suspicion that it had gone bad~I have no idea how/why this happened! I wish I would have known I would have bought us a small anniversary cake. We then snuggled on the couch & watched the Red Wings win!

We did a lot of reminiscing about not just the past year, which has been wonderful but all of our times together. Next Sunday will mark 9 & 1/2 years of being together. It sounds unreal. Because we started dating so young, at 16, we have a lot of special memories including proms, graduations, vacations, etc. Although this pregnancy has at times caused some strain on us, mostly because of the complications & restrictions I think it has also shown us just how strong our bond is. We are so excited to be become parents and to start another chapter of our journey together.

I have included a few wedding photos here. Our weddign was liek a fairytale. It was everything I imagined it to be. Les was very involved in the planning. We had an amazing day, thay went by far too fast. I have over 1200 photos from that day, it was so hard just to include a few!

This is the two of us after the ceremony in a city park. This is the picture Les put in the paper!
Here we are cutting the cake & of course enjoying soem bubbly! Our hall decor was very elegant, all white & silver.

Here we are with our weddign party. I had a vision of a perfect spring day filled with a rainbow of spring colours. My MIL was horrified, however even she agreed it turned out perfect!

I love this, it shows off the train & veil & shows how happy we were.

WE did it! Les seriously did not smile once thru the whole ceremony until we were done & walking out! When I asked him about it he said he was nervous & that he took marriage very seriously-so cute!

One last one of me. I like this photo because its very relaxed & candid.