Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Weekend with pics!

We had a nice little weekend! Even tho Les had to work, which made it go by fast! I will give a few highlights, starting with today. It ended up beign a pretty nice day despite the rough start! I woke up to no hto water!! We had plans to meet friends for breakfast & I looked pretty nasty, so I had to take a cold (like FRIGID!) shower! Les called the water heater company (we rent) and after much hassle it was fixed later this afternoon! Before that I had to remind my dear husband that this is CANADA, as he blamed our lack of hot water on me "using it all up" with my nightly baths. Umm honey, the tank continuously heats it! It ended up needing a whole part repalaced!

We made it to meet my old friend, Becky for breakfast. It was nice to see her & her husband, Andrew. Becky also has endometriosis & after one loss in their TTC journey & close to a year they too are expecting! She is exactly 12 weeks behind me, here is a photo of the 4 of us, me almost 30 weeks, Becky almost 18! They find out tomorrow what they are having, I am so excited for them! They gave us a beautiful blanket for the nursery & some clothes, we love them!

After breakfast we came home & had a quiet afternoon. I did a bit of housework. We were hopeing to make it to the river front to the Red Bull Air Races, but we had to wait around for the repair man. We really hope the races coem back next year, we will buy tickets & bring our little one! We napped & watched the races on TV, which was a good compromise, now Les is at work for the night. I worked on some stuff for shower #2 next month (I won't get started on that!).

Les had to work days yesterday. I made a delicious crock-pot meal of chicken & dumplings in between of shoppign with my sister & relaxing. Once Les got home we ate & then just spent the night relaxing in bed watching TV. Les fell asleep petting Calvin. In the photo above they are both sound asleep, with Les' hand on Calvin's head! Yes thats a cat bed in our bed, we love our kitty a bit too much!

Finally, meet Colby. This is my little cousin's new puppy! How cute is he, dont' you just want to snuggle him up! He is only 7 weeks old, & super tiny, around 3lbs! We were debating about getting a puppy this spring & then I got pregnant, so we have decided to delay it, however this makes me want one!! I am puppy sitting for her on Tuesday whiel she is in school!

Here is one last photo, I am in the nursery (which is what I spent the majority of the weekend finsihing, but thats another blog, to follow soon!) rocking little Colby! He just snuggles into you like a newborn babe! And of course my mom's dog, Tucker needed to be rocked as well!

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