Wednesday, June 10, 2009

29 weeks!

Here I am! 29 weeks! Ummm I am getting big! Haha, oh well!! I finally got a much needed hair cut as well! OK on to the survey.....

How far along? 29 weeks!
Total Weight Gain? I saw Dr. J this week, up another 3 lbs (in so many weeks), which puts me at 15 lbs! That could slow down now! LOL
Maternity Clothes? Everything, hoping (other then a new shirt for shower #2 & a dress for a wedding) I can make what I have stretch! Foudn a great consignment store tho!
Stretch Marks? I hate these! Still the same on the bottom of the bump, a few on my hips & a couple popped up on my upper thighs....lovely
Sleep? I have trouble getting to sleep, however once I am asleep its pretty good, I wake up to pee a lot & sometimes wake up with sore hips from laying on my sides, but I fall back asleep pretty easily. Ia m tired often still tho.
Best Moment this week? My first baby shower, it was perfect & I was completely overwhelmed by everyones generosity.
Food Cravings? Strawberry limeade & lime slurpees, fruit, almonds, chocolate.
Gender? Just today I was kinda think it may be a she???
Labour Signs? Nope :)
Belly Button? almost completely flat!
What I miss the most? Actually work a bit! Summer cocktails, money!
What am I looking forward to the most? Watching Les be a daddy!
Milestones? I had an ultrasound & the placenta has officially moved enough to have a vaginal delivery. baby is head down & looks great, I was measurign 28 weeks, so this child is not huge! WooHoo ( I am still terrified of delivery tho!)


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

you look wonderful!!

spearmintdecor said...

your shower turned out gorgeous! i would love to feature it on :)
send me an email if any interest...

Laura said...

I ran across your blog through Jillians... I am going to have to start following you... we are so close in our pregnancy... I am at 28 weeks! I love your shower pics. I am having my showers in July and then we are having one for my sister in August who is 6 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. So anyway, congratulations! I am glad everything is going well :)