Monday, January 31, 2011

Rough Week

We have had a VERY rough week. The few pictures I have to prove it are on my iphone, which in coordination with the rest of my week I have lost my USB cable (AKA charger), so I have a very useful paper weight until I find it!

My poor sweet boy is very sick, he is finally feeling a bit better after 4 long days in the hospital. He has RSV ( a common virus that just hit him HARD) as well as pnuemonia. When I brrought him in ( I feel so so guilty) he was so dehydrated and his oxygen saturation was low. He was immediatly admitted, put on IV fluids, antibiotics and oxygen therapy. After 2 full days of sleeping in hospital, after lots of sleep at home (he slept almost stright thru from Wed-Saturday) he finally started ot come around Saturday night, and Sunday morning he finally ate and drank, and sat up!

He is home now, and still not himself. He is eating and drinking with lots of coaxing, he is still very weak and having trouble walking. Its completely heart breaking. It was so scary how fast he got so sick.

His fever started Sunday afternoon, Sunday night he threw up once. Monday his fever continued, he was still drinking at that point but was breathing very very fast, almost struggling. We went to our family doctor. He said it was a virus (most likely stomach flu since he vomited) and the breathing was due to the temp. Sent us home with an antibiotic to only start using if the fever pesisted for 48 more hours AND other signs of a respiratory illness showed up). Tuesday he started with a slight cough, the fever persisted and he stopped drinking, he didn't pee for 12 hrs and I almost took him in. Then Les got him to drink a little and he peed so I went in for midnights. Wednesday he drank a little, his fever continued and his breathing was still fast and his cough was worse so we started the antibiotic. He went to my mom's because Les & I both worked midnights. Thursday monring my mom called me, woke me up after only 2-3 hours sleep and told me she felt I needed to take him to the emergency room, that he was very ill. He hadn't peed since the previous night and although Wed PM he let her feed him and drank a little it had been over 12 horus and he was just sleeping and seemed to be having trouble breathing. I headed straight there and called our doc on the way, he wanted us to go in his office, he had been on the antibiotics for over 24 hrs at this point, fever was high and more concerning he was so lethargic. He took one look, listened to his chest and told me to go straight to the pediatric unit of the hospital, he woudl call and make the necessary arrangements, he believed it was pnuemonia. He told me to drive straight to the hospital, not to stop. When I got there they did a chest xray, listened to his chest and could see how sick he was just by how he was laying inmy arms, we were admitted and the IV was started.

It was a long rough four days, but was what he needed. I was so scared to see him that sick. It broke my heart. Thank God he is starting to feel better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

modern baby shower! (and something exciting!!) **video included**

On Friday my little sister got engaged!! On Sunday she left me this card, how adorable is it? I am so excited for her and my future brother and law! And since they set a date of
November 19, 2011 I think we aer going to have a very busy year!

I have been SUPER busy lately helping plan and organize a baby shower for one of my best friends, I am just thrilled with how it all turned out!

This is the invitation I designed in photoshop, we prrinted it on cardstock and sent them
out in lime green envelopes.

When she told me she wanted to incorporate black and have a modern theme I was thrown off but I think it turned out awesome!
We had it at a local restaurant, I am so happy with it that I am considering having my sisters bridal shower there! This is one half of the room, we kept it simple, modern and chic. Black and white table cloths with pops of lime green & silver!

This is the diaper cake that I made for them, we put it in the entry way as part of the decor.

Hand made banner above the head table.

The head table with the banner above it, centrepiecce and flowers.

Beautiful maternity photo framed for guests to sign, will look awesome in the nursery!

flower arrangement we did, just bought the flowers from costco and assembled in vases.

Centrepieces, they are sugar cookie bouqets. My mom & I made the cookies, just bake your favourite sugar cookies on a stick (skewer) dip the skewers in egg whites to help the cookies stick. We did most of them with sugar before baking and about 1/3 of them icing after. We added chocolate molds a friend made and silver twisty sticks from Michaels to make them look more polished. These are about $5-6 dollars each to make!

Water bottles I made to coordinate with the theme.

cloe up of the water bottles. I think these are an easy way to add a really chic and
personal touch to any event!

Candy bar in matching colours. This was the favour, it went over really well. I had all these glass containers from my wedding, this is the 3rd candy bar they have been used for! I love the look of this one!

close up of the candy bar. This went with the "sweet baby" theme.

Sweet room! The cake, water bottles, fruit platters, candy buffer and coffee/tea service looked great set up in here!

Some of the prizes for guests all wrapped in coordinating ribbon.

The tables. On each place setting was a lime green envelope for the custom thank yous I am making, it added a great pop to each place setting!

Head table from another angle!
THE cake! Once cut it woudl reveal whether there was a boy or girl to
be expected. This was absolutely the BEST element of the shower.
No one knew what the gender of the baby was not even the parents to be!
They had the ultrasound tech seal it in an envelope back in October, and it then went
to the cake decorator who didn't open it until 2 days before the shower!
Beautiful bump and THE cake...

Mommy and Daddy to be cutting the cake for the big reveal!

I LOVE this she was SHOCKED!!

Pink!!! Its a girl!
Here is a short video of the cake cutting, the mama to be was sure it was a boy
and is still shocked and thrilled to learn she is having a little princess!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Allergist update & Big changes!

The allergist appointment went very well, and there is good news for this fur baby above! Logan has NO allergies, including cats! We were very relieved to find this out!
The doctor thinks that most of Logan's troubles are related to post nasal drip. His nose is the problem! So we are doign sinus rinses daily (he is actually doing really really well with this) as well as Nasonex spray twice daily. We will see, hopefully this helps a lot!

Logan will be 18 months later this month and I just can't believe the changes we are seeing in him all of a sudden! He is really acting like a boy these days!
He is talking more and he understands everything we tell him. He is even able to follow a two step command. Such as "Go and get your cup and give it to daddy".

I will update on all of his current and stats after his appointment on the 24th
But we have had 2 big changes that can't wait till then! We decided to get rid of the high chair. I have always hated it and was just done with it in my kitchen and so I used our portable booster as a trial at the table and its been great! We are going to buy a permanent booster so that this one can remain in the car, its too much trouble to bring it back and forth!
And the other big news!? NO MORE BOTTLES! I can't believe how easy this transition was! I have to give Mr.Logan all the credit! He was down to 2 bottles a day, first thing in the AM and in the evening before bed. Well one night I gave him his bottle and he just kinda played with it and chewed on it, I even checked the nipple to see if it was working, and it was. Then he handed it back to me and asked for a cup. I poured it into a cup and he drank it. He did that twice more before I said to Les OK thats it lets pack up the bottles. And we haven't looked back, that was about 5 days ago! I am so proud of him! Lets hope getting rid of his guck goes as smoothly (soemthing tells me it won't!!)
Finally, a photo that made daddy's heart soar! A friend gave Logan a golf set for Christmas and Logan LOVES it, he does really well with it, except he is left handed it appears so he is holding it backwards. Les took out his putter, and they were playing together in the living room, then later this morning Les went into our room to find this!:
haha I guess Logan thought his club belonged with daddy's! melts my heart!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I feel like I am always saying this, but we are busy! Logan is so much fun these days!
He is developing quite the little personality, he loves to make us laugh,
and is such a little ham!
Things are good on the home front, the organized (somewhat) chaos of everyday life. I *think I have made soem school/career decisions and I have applications in the works. I will share more once I have confirmation of acceptance or any other news!

Here is Logan being a little monkey, he loves playing with stickers and putting them all over his face! He thinks he is hilarious! He got very upset with me when I made him take them off before we went out for the day.
Here he is with 2 "gucks" as we call them. I decided to start trying to wean him from the paci, oh boy does he love his paci! I try to limit it to bed & in the car but when he's not feeling well, which is often I let him have it in between. Well I noticed when I limit his time with it he starts sucking his thumb, and with the cold and his (suspected) eczema he now has a very raw cracked bleeding thumb. And so, he got the guck back, with no limits. We will tackle that battle at a further date!

I am not sure how much i have talked about Logan's breathing issues on here. But we have been struggle with a cough and runny nose as well as sneezing for 9 months. I am exhausted. He coughs so hard that he vomits several times a week (twice today already). I suspect asthma/allergies. We have been treating him with meds as it were this but at my request (insistence) we are going for allergy testing. The referal was sent November 24th, the appointment we got was for June 30th! I am serious. How awful is that! Thank God that he sent a friend to intervene, who knows someone in the office and made a call. We are going TOMORROW! I can't wait to get some answers!!

On a very sad note, Les' "Tatay" (Grandpa) passed away this morning in the Philippines. He woudl have been 98 in March. He had been sick since New Years Eve when he had a heart attack, he was ready to go to Heaven and be reunited with his wife.
Les' parents are on their way to the Philippines now for the funeral. We are not going, we will be holding a mass in his honour next week, and just spending some family time together. Les & his grandfather were very close, he lived with them thru Les' childhood. Please keep his family in your prayers. I am so thankful that we made a trip to the Philippines 2 years ago and visited him. What a wonderful memory, I was just pregnant in this photo and he was so excited to hear that news!