Friday, March 26, 2010

8 months!

(its getting much much more difficult to take your photo! Now taht you are moving you don't want to sit still!)

Logan you are 8 months old !!

(well you WERE on the 24th, but we were on vacation so this is late)

You are just growing too quickly!

You weigh around 18 lbs and you are 28 inches long.

You still wear size 3 diaper.

You are wearing 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing.

You are so close to crawling, you army crawl everywhere! You are into everything already!

You are such a happy and good natured baby!

You are a great little eater, we haven't found something you don't like yet! You eat all table food and only let us feed you cereal and yogurt at breakfast.

You are so social, you loving being at and about and seeing other kids.

While we were on vacation you started clapping when we say "yay!" and you mastered the pincher grasp.

You have been on a 20 hr car ride and you did SO good! We brought you to Disney World and to see the Ocean, we want to show you the world little man.

You are still not sleeping very well, you wake to nurse a few times a night still. You like to sleep with mommy and daddy. We didn't think we would every do this, but we just loving having you between us.

You still take your "guk", or pacifier a lot when you are tired and for bed.

You love the water! Both swimming in the big pool and bath time, you splash and crawl around!

We love you so much Logan, and we are really enjoying watching you grow. We miss you being a small baby but know that we are going to have wonderful moments with you as you grow.

Home Sweet Home

We are home and its wonderful. I have SO MUCH to write about so much to share......including L's 8 month post! Its all coming very soon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We are on vacation!! And LOVING it! We decided at the last minute on Monday to take my dad up on an offer to stay with him at a rental house in Florida. It was a 21 hour drive (that went amazingly well) but we made it. We spent Wednesday at Disney and it really was magical. I can't wait to share all about our entire trip. For now, I'm going to soak up some sun with my boys.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Common Topics

I'm not sure these are necessarily my favourite topics but the are pretty common around here...sleep and eating. I think with new mommy's in general these are pretty common....

Sleep in our house in not what it once was. I miss it, I'm exhausted. We have gotten away from our old bedtime routine because we have had to move his bath to right after dinner. We also have tried to incorporate an evening walk with the nice weather we have been getting. For the last week L has only wanted to fall asleep in bed with me, with his sweet little hands on my face. And while part of me loves this it just has to change. Partly because none of us are getting any amount of quality sleep and partly because on Wednesday morning one of my biggest fears came true, Logan crawled and rolled and fell off our bed. I felt AWFUL, so terribly guilty. We have done everything we could, we have a guard up but he crawled to the end. He was fine (thank God) but I am so scared of it happening again.
If I am able to get him down in his crib he is waking often fussing and crying, not always to eat. He is however still nursing at least two or three times a night. Generally these days he goes to bed at about 7pm and is up at 11, 3 & 5/6. We are then up for the day between 7 & 8 am.
I am hopeful that this sleep regression is related to his current attempt at crawling, he is army crawling and pulling himself right to whatever it is he wants. Between his rolling and the "crawling" he is MOBILE. I think his little brain and body are in overdrive. He is also teething and starting to develop separation anxiety. I just keep reminding myself this too shall pass. I am attempting to get back into a routine and trying to savour my quiet moments at night with him.
Food, well thats another story. This boy LOVES to eat. We are pretty much doing a lazy method of BLW. He prefers to self feed solids, expect when he is tired. Then he still prefers table food but like me to feed him bite size pieces. He communicates this by this funny groan noise accompanied by banging on his high chair and opening his mouth. We are working on his signs for "food" and "more" as a better alternative. We still have some work to do!
When I don't have an appropriate meal for him I do feed him purees, usually homemade but not always. He much prefers table food! I love watching him feed himself, he does so well and has really started to master his pincher grasp. I am so proud of him!
I will admit that I haven't done a very good job of recording what he eats or waiting 3 days in between, luckily he has done really well with no problems. Currently he loves soup I scoop out the "stuff" and he gobbles it up, he even likes the broth I give him from a spoon!
Here is a list of things he has tried:
green beans
brussel sprouts
sweet potato
spaghetti squash
buttnernut sqush
wax beans

Prime Rib
Ground Beef
french fry
pizza crust
mum mums
yogurt melts
scrambled eggs
various soups
crusty bread
cereal bars (like nutragrain)

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Box of Goodies!

Doesn't this look so sweet and exciting?! Valerie over at Next to Heaven packed up my box of goodies so sweetly and thoughtfully! I was just so excited to open it up and see what was inside!
I couldn't wait to open it and took it all apart on the car ride on the way home! I didn't pack it up as neatly as Valerie did!

Here is a picture of all my lovely gifts together! Don't they look just so fun and thoughtful!! Its honestly as if she packed this box up just for me, its all just so fitting!

Here is some sweet little stationary. I love sending little notes in Les' lunch and sending quick little thoughts to friends via good old fashioned snail mail and these will be just perfect for that!
And here are some goodies just for me, which is great because I don't indulge myself in these things very often! There is some lovely Sally Hansen nail polish in "Plum's the Word" its a very sweet colour & will be great for soring! Some Bath & Body Works body lotion in "Twilight Woods" I have never used this scent but its just beautiful! Some jergens Shea Butter moisturizer, perfect for my dry winter hands. Also, some softlips lip conditioner & tint, this is one of my favourite brands! And finally some Neutrogena moistureshine lipstick in Caramel, I have never tried this and I am excited for it!

Here is a package of scunci curved bobbi pins, I use these everyday when I am working, so these will come in very handy! And this sweet headband that she made for me! Its going to look so cute in my hair!

This is a beautiful hand made coaster that is just going to fit in perfectly on my new craft desk! The perfect touch of whimsy! And two yummy little HEATH bars. I have never had one before, they don't sell them in Canada, which is probably a good thing because they are SO GOOD!

And last but most certainly not least, a little spunk & sass! These beautiful hand made pieces of jewelry! Did Valerie know that I just LOVE pearls?! She must have. This perfect necklace complete with my initials as well as a matching birds nest ring. Such a sweet and perfect set for me! I am so excited to wear them! Check out the Etsy store I can attest that they have beautiful wonderful quality products!
I just want to say thanks again to Valerie for this wonderful give away! Not only did I get a box full of wonderful thoughtful goodies but I also found a great new blog to follow and got a new blogger friend!

My Birthday & a Box!

Toady is my Birthday! I am 27 years old! Its my first birthday as a mommy! Last night my family came over for cake, this is our little family. We all look awful. Les just got home from working a 12 hour shift, L was up way past his bedtime and I am struggling with headaches. None the less, it was a great celebration!
Les' birthday was this past Wednesday so we celebrate both birthdays with his parents on his birthday and both on my birthday with my family. It works good that way! We got some joint gifts this year. My mom got us a night away at a local hotel with an indoor water park and a gift certificate to have my house cleaned (by her) while we are away.
My sisters also got me the new photoshop. I am really starting to get interested in photography and am so excited about this!
I got another early "birthday" surprise this week! My "prize" box that I won from Valerie over at Next to Heaven came in! We drove over to the states to get it! Ohh and there are so many great things inside! I bet you can't wait to hear and see what they all are? Well, I will tell you...
very soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where did my baby go?

He's growing up so fast! I feel like each day he becomes a little more grown up and little less my baby. Things are going to change around here very soon, since I think he is just about on the move!!

He is sitting so well, for very long periods of time! He often plays sitting up now, can bend over pick something up and then sit back straight up.
And last night, on March 6th at 7 & 1/2 months Logan got up on all 4s and started rocking! I was so lucky to have my camera in hand! He hasn't done it since and I am in no rush since we have to get a baby gate custom made! He can get around well enough as it is with the rolling!

This is Logan's new cheesy little grin. It melts my heart. He does this whenever he smiles now. He is so excited to show off those two little teeth! Doesn't he look proud of them!?

Monday, March 1, 2010

We are Canadian!!

We are Canadians, and while I have and will always be proud of this our country's performance at the Olympics as well as hosting has really brought this out! I watched the Olympics everyday for 17 days, I don't think I have enjoyed it as much as I did this year.
Logan really seemed to enjoy watching as well! I really wanted to get him a keepsake from the games, something he could have forever. We settled on a few things; a t-shirt (actually matching family ones!), a toque (because we are Canadian) and of course a hockey jersey!
So the last day of the Olympics, the day our Mens Hockey Team won GOLD!! We all got our shirts on and posed for a patriotic family photo.

And of course we need one of daddy and his boy! Logan was very interested in the game and he got VERY fussy when we let that goal in the last 25 seconds of the game! He felt MUCH better when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in OVER TIME!! That was one intense game!

Doesn't he just look so stinkin cute in his jersey?! I don't think we will follow Canadian tradition and put him in hockey tho, I guess we have a few years to decide!

This photo is from February 12, 2010 the first day of the games. Momma and her boy!
I think that in general as Canadian we are humbly patriotic. I loved these games, somehow it brought this pride out front to be shown, it was amazing. I am so proud of our country and our athletes, 14 GOLD medals!! A record, the most Golds won by any country EVER! amazing!