Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 weeks & our trip!

Yesterday was 9 weeks! My baby is the size of a medium green olive!! In my pregnancy book it actually looks like a little baby & not just a tadpole! Last night my in the middle of the night sickness hit in fullest force ever! This morning is a bit better, as long as I remember to take my Zantac & Diclectin its just a mild sensation of nausea instead of full force dry heaving, it was really lovely. I am hopeing that my constant state of exhaustion helps me to sleep on the plane. A lot will happen with my little baby while we are away. Next week he or she will go from an embyro to a fetus. The growth is unbelievable too! The further along I get in this pregnancy the more & more excited I get. I can't wait till my next ultrasound when I can see little arms & legs wiggling around! I won't be writing until we return from the Philippines, which is February 16th. I will miss my family SO much! Luckily my sister & her boyfriend will be houes & kitty sitting for us! My poor little kitty is going to miss us so!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Appointment!

I went to my first OB appointment today! I just love my doctor! He is so relaxed & makes you feel SO at ease! So of course I walk into the OB Clinic at the hospital where I work and one of my coworkers is there working. I was worried that might happen, since I hadn't told anyone at work yet! I told her I was still keeping it a secret until my 2nd trimester, and she said she wouldn't say anything, I don't think she will either. I totally got special treatment too with her there! She brought me in really quickly, I am sure the other people in the waiting room were really pleased about that! She put me in the room with an ultrasound machine and told me the doctor would scan me and of he didn't to ask! There was a med student there, who they didnt' have come in for my privacy ( I would ultimetly see him up on the unit). Dr. J came in and congratulated us, shook Les' hand. He looked over my labresults & said everythign looked good. I do have an ovarian cyst, which he suspects is the corpus luteum. There is also a cyst in my fallopian tube, which he suspects has been there for soemtime. He said neither of them will pose any problems to my pregnancy. We discussed my trip and he gave me some prescriptions. He then scanned me ( I didn't have to ask!) and he showed Les the heartbeat. It was reassuring to know everything looks good! My next ultrasound & appointment are on the February 17th, the day after we get home. Once that is done & everything is good I will officially announce our pregnancy to the world.

Friday, January 16, 2009

8 weeks

I was 8 weeks on Wednesday! Baby Bear is the size of a raspberry! He or she is moving around & growing a ton. Its so amazing, this whole baby growing process! My symptoms are pretty much the same, they come & go. There is some definite bloat going on here! My BFF at work last night said she could tell, no one else said anything, so I think its just cus she knows & is looking for it! Although I know for sure I am not showing, and I have actually lost some weight thanks to my lack of appetite & regular nausea my jeans will not do up, at all. So with that my wardrobe is limited to one rescpectible pair of pants & a bunch of sweats. I have some summer maternity stuff for my trip & my friend is lending me some summer clothes the next size up, so that should get me thru my Tropical Vacation (as I am trying to convince myself this family trip is!). I will be 13 weeks hen we get back & I am pretty sure will have to purchase some new pants. I already had to buy some scrubs in the next size up, I do not think they will last the whole pregnancy, perhaps with a Bella Band, maybe....

I am exhausted all the time, I keep waiting for this to subside, no luck! orking nights doesn't help. On my days off I am totally content with staying in my PJs, as they fit comfortably & slowly rotate between louging & doing some stuff around the house. Poor Les, he must be sick of havign a lazy hermit as a wife!! Speaking of Les, he has been wonderful lately. I really don't give him enough credit. The first few eeks were a struggle, but he has really been making up for my lack of motivation. He has been getting up early in the morning & cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, making me meals, not being too offended when I can't stomach them! He also told me the other day that he is getting more & more excited about things, I think it just took time to be real. He took my ultrasound picture to work & was showing it off, what a proud papa!

He was also my hero the other night when he called Northwest & fixed our plane dilemma. His parents has a "friend" book our flight because he gets a better "deal". Well as it turns out this involved the 4 of us sitting in 4 totally seperate areas of the where near eachother & all seats were middle seats in a row of 3, as in 20 hrs between strangers with my husband not in my vision! I freaked, liek probably a litltle over the top ( I get to blame it on the hormones). He made a phone call, used the pregnancy card, they congratulated us & gave us 2 great seats with no row of seats directly in front of us & me an asile. His parents however, are stuck miles apart-no tmy problem. I am tryign tohave a positive outlook & vow to make this trip as memorable as possible, for Les. We will probably never go back. I just think 26 days with my ILs will be well, trying. I will also miss my family like mad. I talk to my mom everyday! I really am trying to convince myself it will be a vacation, which in a sense it will. We will be visiting family & travelling some but I will have no work, no repsonsibilities, how many people get that luxury between weeks 9 & 13! It will be very nice in that sense! And escaping this -24 weather will be wonderful as well!

Although I have chosen not to tell all the people in my life about our little blessing yet, I did give the ILs the OK to tell their family & friends. They were calling us regularly and anxiously asking if they could! Once I had the ultrasound & saw the little heart beating I let them open the floodgates. Apparently MIL got off the phone from Les tellign her this at work & yelled "I'm going to be a Grandma!!" Nothing like being subtle! Oh well its their first grandchild, I guess its warranted! LOL

To my Sweet Baby Bear. Momma loves you so! With each day that goes by it feels more & more real that I have a person growing inside me. Daddy keeps talking about how much fun we are going to have with you, he is so right! Stay nice & cozy in there, Momma will do everything she can to give you a nice home for the next 7 months! We love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First ultrasound!!

Well after much confusion I had my first ultrasound today. I have been having some pain to my right side & wanted to make sure that everything was OK before jetting off to the Philippines for a month! Unfortunatley Les was working so he didn't get to come! I got pictures for him! Little Bear looks great! He or she is measuring great at 8wk exactly, which I will be tomorrow. I got to see the little heart beating away, I almost cried! The rate was 153 beats per minute. Here is my beautiful little bear, looking a bit like a bean!

Everything else has been going great. I still have my up & down days and I am definetly still tired. I have told a few more close friends. Its getting more & more exciting. I got a gift of scrapbooking supplies all pregnancy & baby related so I am pretty excited to start scrapbooking about this pregnancy! Probably when we get home form our trip I will have a chance to get caught up on my wedding scrapbook & then I can turn my attention to a baby scrapbook.
Baby Bear, mommy was so happy to see you today! Its amazing that you are inside me & your sweet little heart is beating away. I am letting Lolo & Lola tell people about you know, so before long the world will know your coming! Stay strong & cozy in there & in a few weeks I will get to see you om another ulrasound! Love you lots!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Day!

The snow started falling last night & its still falling! Its fine with me as I barely have enough energy to update my blog! I have foudn that the Diclectin is making me even more tired then without! All I want to do is lounge & sleep! I know Les is getting frusturated with me. I am trying, its just hard. The nausea is still here off & on. My evenings are rough. Naps are my new best friend. I am sure that this stage will pass, so I am trying to take it in stride!

I see my family doctor on Monday, I am so hopeign he will be sending me for an ultrasound, I think I will feel so much more at ease once I see my baby on the screen & familly get to see the heartbeat! Luckily Les is off work & he will be coming with me.

Tomorrow we are having my girlfriends & their partners over for dinner. Le is great, I know he will help a lot with the cooking, but man does my house need a lot of attention between now & then! I just napped, so hopefully after eating someting I will have some energy. Les is out clearing the snow, we still have to go out for groceries! It was nice to have a lazy day in but I guess its over now!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 weeks

I am 7 weeks pregnant today! I feel like every week is such a milestone!! Baby Bear is the size of a blueberry this week! There is lots going on in there, as a lot of growing & changing is happening. I am doing OK. I started on Zantac & Diclectin this week. I can't really tell if its helping or not because I have been on midnights & my whole body & routine are out of whack! Before I went back to work tho I was finding most of the day really difficult. I am nauseated 7 tired until about 4-5pm. I can hardly eat anything at all before dinner. Then from about 5-9 I feel better & am hungry. But if I eat too much I get sick again! Haha its like a juggling act. Nights actually seems to work OK for this scenario. I am able to sleep while I am feeling my crappiest & wake up in time to eat & head to work. I still am EXHAUSTED all the time regardless, but at least I am not feeling pukey the entire time. I did feeel awful between 3:30 & 4:30 AM last night. And when my pt was vomiting, I was almost too! No one at work understands why I am dragging os much, i just said I haven't been sleepign well, not ready to share my news yet!
I worked with my OB last night, so I was able to tell him I am PG & discuss a few things with him very quickly. He says my travel time isn't too bad, just that I am still at the stage where I am at a risk for m/c, not that the trip would cause this or affect it, but that it could happen & I need to know what to do if it does. I still feel very postiive about this pregnancy, this baby was emant to be. And if its true that me feeling like crap is a good sign as far as hormones go, then all the better!

Its so hard keeping this secret from other people, I can't imagine of we had waited any longer to tell out families! Its nice to have people share in our excitement. L has been great, taking such good care of me & baby bear!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Travel Worries!

I am getting really really anxious about my upcoming trip. We are going to the Philippinesto visit Les' family. Don't get me wrong I am excited to meet his family & think it will be a great experience. But I am worried about the pregnancy. Of course I have talked to a doctor at work about the safety and he said it was fine,t hat it wouldn't increase my risks of anything happening. I still worry. And then of course I have been so sick. The flight is 20 hours which scares me too. I am pretty anxious when it comes to flying & now the worries of a blood clot & not to mention the vomitting....ugh it has been awful the last few days. I see the doctor before we leave so I will make sure I get a prescription for Diceltin. I am also going to make sure to get an ultrasound before we leave; partially because I want to hear the heartbeat for my own peace of mind and of course to make sure everything looks good before we leave! My other worry, of course is the food. Not that I have an appetite lately, or I have been eating much. I am so worried about the food that will be there. I have had food poisoning twice before, and was even hospitalized for it once. I will just be super cautious, bottled water only, no milk, no meats, just rice, fruits & veggies, oh & I plan on bringing, literally a suitcase full of healthy snack foods. I just have to try to relax about everything. I think an ultrasound will really help to ease my nerves!

I feel terrible most of the time. I told Les it like a constant & permanent hangover. I have a fuzzy headache, I"m exhausted, my body feels run down, my broken ribs KILL (from the vomiting) I have little appetite, when I do get hungry & manage to eat, I throw it up. As long as my baby is OK in there! All of our family is getting pretty excited about the baby. We went shopping yesterday & I bought some Christmas clothes & a blanket for baby. Of course it was all super cheap & on sale, so in the baby closet they go for next year!

Baby, mommy loves you so! Please grow big & strong in there! We can't wait till August when we get to meet you! We are so blessed to have you on the way!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 weeks & A New Year!!

New Years Eve officially made me 6 weeks pregnant, its crazy! My little bear is the size of a bean this week & the heart is beating! My hormones must be surging because my symptoms are flaring!! I am totally exhausted & the nausea is pretty much constant these days, I have only actually vomitted once luckily. I have zero appetite and am forcing myself to eat at least every few hours, I figure either it will help or I will have something to throw up! My boobs are giant & SO sore, I already had to go buy a new bra! However, none of this is complaining I am absolutley thrilled to be feelign this way, it makes me feel secure that my little bear is growing! We shared the news with a few more close friends, everyone is so excited. We are the first of all our friends to have a baby, so I think he or she will be pretty spoiled! Aftr my ultrasound & I hear the heartbeat I will be more open to sharing the news, however I do nto want work to find out until my 2nd trimester.
New Years Eve was a lot of fun for us. We decided to stay in, I am not much for the club scene, especially give my current condition! We had a few friends over, had food, drinks (mocktails for me of course!) and played board games & Rock Band, we had a really nice night. 2008 was such a big year for us, we will always remember all the new beginnings we had.We got married, bought our first house, vacationed in Vegas & of course got pregnant! I am sure that 2009 will be wonderful as well. I am looking forward to our travels and of course our first addition!
My little baby bear, mommy knows you are in there, its becoming more obvious everyday! Can you tell how much everyone loves you already! We are so blessed to have you on the way! Stay nice and warm in there, we thank God for you & send prayers for you everyday. Love you lots, Mommy