Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 weeks & A New Year!!

New Years Eve officially made me 6 weeks pregnant, its crazy! My little bear is the size of a bean this week & the heart is beating! My hormones must be surging because my symptoms are flaring!! I am totally exhausted & the nausea is pretty much constant these days, I have only actually vomitted once luckily. I have zero appetite and am forcing myself to eat at least every few hours, I figure either it will help or I will have something to throw up! My boobs are giant & SO sore, I already had to go buy a new bra! However, none of this is complaining I am absolutley thrilled to be feelign this way, it makes me feel secure that my little bear is growing! We shared the news with a few more close friends, everyone is so excited. We are the first of all our friends to have a baby, so I think he or she will be pretty spoiled! Aftr my ultrasound & I hear the heartbeat I will be more open to sharing the news, however I do nto want work to find out until my 2nd trimester.
New Years Eve was a lot of fun for us. We decided to stay in, I am not much for the club scene, especially give my current condition! We had a few friends over, had food, drinks (mocktails for me of course!) and played board games & Rock Band, we had a really nice night. 2008 was such a big year for us, we will always remember all the new beginnings we had.We got married, bought our first house, vacationed in Vegas & of course got pregnant! I am sure that 2009 will be wonderful as well. I am looking forward to our travels and of course our first addition!
My little baby bear, mommy knows you are in there, its becoming more obvious everyday! Can you tell how much everyone loves you already! We are so blessed to have you on the way! Stay nice and warm in there, we thank God for you & send prayers for you everyday. Love you lots, Mommy

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