Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas & Our Big News

Our first Christmas being married was wonderful, of course the news of us expecting made it even better! It was pretty yucky that we were both stuck working the holidays & we were totally exhausted but we made it work! I got spoiled, as I usually do! And Les didn't make it to bad himself! We had so much fun telling everyone about our little one on the way!

On Christmas Eve I went to the children's mass in the afternoon with mom & my sisters while Les was at work. Then we went to a little family get together. My sister asked me flat out in church if I was PG I had to lie!! I'm sure God will forgive me! Then we went back to mom's where we exchanged Christmas PJs, me & mom bought eachother the same ones! LOL

Once Les got there we shared the news! We have it video, it was great. Mom & my sisters were there, I gave them each a small wrapped envelope and said we had gotten them all the same thing so they had to open it at the same time. Once they unwrapped it there was a card with a photo of us from a few weeks ago that said "Boarder Toll $8.00, Dinner OUt $40.00, Tickets to Greeefield Village $35.00, Realizing there are actually 3 people in this photo PRICELESS" So the three of them are stareing at it, my middle sis was mouthing the words "are you pregnant" to me because she didn't want to give it away. So I told them to open the cards which were grandma & aunt Christmas cards they all just looked at me & I said "we're having a baby!" They all startded yelling OMG OMG my mom said Sarah!! Are you sure!? It was too fuuny, they are all so excited!
We left mom's & went to mass with my in-laws, poor Les was soo tired! After we went for dinner with his parents. We gave them their gifts, the last gift we gave them was a grandparent photo frame that had a piece of baby themed scrapbooking paper that said "Baby Lopez August 2009". My FIL was just staring my MIL said "ohhh! Are you pregnant?" I said yes & they started cheering, FIL even cried, they gave hugs & got soo excited, they have wanted this for so long! We had told them we were waiting 2 years, so they were shocked too! They are excited to share the news but I asked them to wait until at least after my first u/s & we hear a heart beat.
We didn't make it to bed until close to 1am & had to be up at 5am for our 7am shift, we were very sleepy people!
Christmas Day we worked till 7pm then went to mom's for Turkey dinner, everyone was still talking about how excitred they were! Afterwards we went to my dad's where we had dessert & told them about the news. I gave him & my grandma each a calendar & told them to have a look at August. Once my dad read it got all ckoked up, he tried holding the calendar in front of his face so we couldnt' see the tears, but it didn't work! Everyone is just so excited!
Today we told my Aunt & Cousin. My cousin is 14 so I wrapped up a babysitters checklist & gave it as her last gift. SHe opened and looked like she was fakeing liking it I said "WHat is it Meg" since my aunt & uncle couldn't see it, she said a babysitter checklist, and I said "yeah you will be able to use that here come August" and my aunt just started screaming & crying, she suffered from IF and it took her many years to conceive her only child, we have always feared a similar fture for me with my ENDO.
We are still going to keep our news hushed for now, I do not want anyone from work knowing until we get back from our trip in February. Mom did tell her Grandma who said " I don't know why people keep these things a secret, the more people that know the more people that can pray for them!" It was cute. I still don't want the while world to know just yet! Les & I just keep saying "I can't believe it". I bought myself a pregnancy book & I am really enjoying it. I also bought a few Christmas baby bibs to put away for next year, they we clearing & I just couldn't resist. Although I am still feeling cautious about everything I have this strong sense of peace that everything will be OK, I think this baby is a blessing for more then just Les & I, someone else needs time or knowledge of this baby for bigger reasons. This may sound silly but its just a feeling I have.
Baby Bear, mommy loves you so much! I still can't believe you are inside of me. I am trying very hard to take good care of you already, I want you to be comfy & cozy in there! I hope you can feel all the love from all of our family & friends already. This week you are the size of an apple seed! I can't believe how small that seems & how much you are changing already. This week your heart will develop & even start to beat. Mommy can't wait to hear that magical sound! Grandma thinks your a girl too! I really have no idea & I don't care, you are my little miracle! Everyday we pray for you, we can't wait to watch you grow & to meet you in August! LOve you lots, Momma Bear

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