Monday, December 1, 2008

Night Shifts & temping...

I am working straight nights all this week, so of course my temps are going to be affected. THis worries me a little as tomorrow is my predicted O day. It will also be hard to find some quality time with DH for baby making, we will only see eachother for abotu 2 hrs today & tomorrow. I am still hopeful that a thermal shift will be evident despite my shift work. I lied to my family yesteday, the asked if we were still trying, I had mentioned we were going to coem the fall. I told them that because of financial concerns & our trip planned for January we decided to wait. I just dont' want the pressure of people asking & I would also like it to be a surprise once it does happen.
Work was a little difficult last night. All of my patients were teenagers, and none of them in positions financially, or pschologically to provide to babies, yet here they are pregnant, or with a beautiful newborn. It frusturates me how that can happen yet there are so many people who would make wonderful parents & who coudl give a baby the world who are struggling ttc. I have to remind myself to have faith, and not to question God's plan in all of this.

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