Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Can't Believe It!

I am still in such shock! On Tuesday December 16, 2008, the day AF was due (14 dpo) I woke up & decided to poas, even tho I swore I wouldn't after getting a BFN 12 dpo. When that second faint little line appeared I thought I was seeing things!! I yelled to MH to come & look alls whilst jumping up & down, he, obviously still asleep jumps up thinking something is wrong, then looks at me and says "OMG are we pregnant!?" I said "I don't know I think so maybe, do you see a line?". He's standing in the bathroom trying to rub his eyes to see & somehow in the excitement I dump out my FMU!! This was just a $tree test, I needed that urine to restest!! Anyways I manage to pee some more, do another test, another line!! I am now cryign and yellign and MH is going OMG OMG we are having a baby!!

Luckily I was able to get my BETA drawn yesterday, I am still waiting for the results. I am hopeing to have it repeated tomorrow. This morning I took a digital test I can't believe the joy I felt in seeing the word "pregnant"! Although it still hasn't completely sunk in I think I may already have a few symptoms, or maybe its all in my head. I definetly am bloated, having issues with my pants being way too tight! ALso very nauseated, almost all day long & very tired as well. But I LOVE IT!!

Of course I feel totally silly for how emtional I was thinkign I didn't O because the temping didn't work! I just had to trust my body I guess! We are just so happy, I am 4 weeks today! I can't wait to tell my family, my mom asked today if I got AF and I lied!! I really want it to be a Christmas surprise! We plan on telling our immediate families Christmas Eve, if the Beta's come back OK. 2 years ago on Christmas Eve we got engaged, so it seems liek a great time to share the news. Our parents are going to be estatic! We just have to think up a great way to do it!!

To my Little Baby Bear, your mommy & daddy are so excited to know that you are coming. We love you so much already & you are so very wanted! We are very thankful to God for creatign you jsut for us & every day we pray that you grow big & strong inside of me! We can't wait till everybody else knows about you!


PrittiPiglet said...

Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you!

k said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I may have missed is somewhere, but what cycle were you on? I can't wait to hear how you tell your family!

Emily said...

Congratulations! I must have missed your post on the board!

k said...

I can only hope that I am as lucky as you! Only 3 cycles...that's so great. I can't wait to follow your journey. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks and congratulations to you, too! It is VERY exciting. I still don't feel like it's completeyl set in yet, lol! Enjoy breaking the news to your fam! :) And Merry Christmas!