Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beta #2

So my first Beta level was 136 at 13 dpo (which perfectly acceptable) however my family docotor said it was not elevated enough to confirm that really upset me! I had it repeated on Monday & just got the results 1366 at 19dpo!!! Yup I'm definetly pregnant! What a great feeling! I mean I know I was pregnant before ( I kept poas!) but to have it "confirmed" with bloodwork is great!! He even said congratulations, which made me smile thru the phone!! Its starting to sinking in!
Today is Christmas Eve & I have so much to do. Les is at work I have to finish laundry, get the house in order & get tons of wrapping done. I still have to run out to finish the baby telling gift for my mom & sisters. I will post tomorrow about how that goes! I am still having cramping pretty frequently, its really more annoying then painful & everything I read says its my ute stretching, so if its my little bear getting comfy I can absolutely deal with that!! I am feeling VERY nauseated today, I have good days & bad & I have the distinct impression its only going to get worse! I am 5 weeks today my symptoms include, nausea off & on, sore tender boobs, very sensitive nips, cramping & major issues with going to the bathroom & and some wacky vivid dreams!
Baby Bear, I can feeling you growing & getting cozy in there, just keep on doing that. This week you are the size of an apple seed, however your heart will form & even start to beat! Mommy can't wait to hear that! Everyday mommy and daddy pray and give thanks for the miracle of you, and pray that you will be safe in there for 8 more months or so! Tonight we are telling you grandma & aunties & you Lolo & Lola about you. Everyone is going to be so very excited! You hold so much promise for our family in 2009! Stay cozy! LOve you lots!

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ilovejav said...

I am glad your Beta test went well!!:) Have a merry christmas!