Friday, December 16, 2011

22 weeks & Christmas Photos!

I'm 22 weeks! Ducky is moving so much these days! I just love it. I'm trying to savour every moment of this pregnancy (its hard with #2!!) becuase we really aren't sure if there will be a third little one for us or not. I can't even THINK about this being my last baby but I'm trusting my heart will know when our family is complete. Luckily at just 28 we have many years to decide! My cervix is still short, and I'm continuing to have a lot of cramps and pressure; because of this Dr.J decided its best if I am off work for now. He also started me on progesterone to try and help settle my cramps. I need Ducky to keep growing in there! Perhaps next week I will post another comparison photo from last time!
Its hard to be on modified bedrest with a two year old at home, however, I can't say how WONDERFUL Logan has been! He spends lots of time snuggling, reading and doing quiet play beside me. He brings me his diapers to change him. And he has been spending a lot more time in indepdent play, his imagination is amazing. He is the best gift I've ever been given.
Les and I are trying to sort thru soem dynamics. I'm trying my hardest to rest, he understands the need for this, but at the same time he works all day and finds it hard to come home to things being disorganized (which things very much are these days!).
I trust we will find the right balance!
Here are Logan's Christmas photos!! I LOVE them! They are by Focal Point Photography, I just can't belive what a big boy he looks like in them!!

And we went to see Santa! He was SO excited and did amazing! What a difference from last year! My boy is growing up FAR too quickly! He told Santa that he would like a tow truck! This is going to be such a magical Christmas with him!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

21 weeks & ultrasound pics!

I was 21 weeks last week! I actually LOST 3 pounds at my last appointment, so that only puts me up about 3 or 4 pounds so far. I'm not having any huge cravings yet and other then headaches I've been feeling pretty good. The cramping that I had last week subsided with rest, but on Monday when I went back to work they picked up again. So as of now I'm home resting waiting to see my OB on Friday, I'm not really sure which direction things will go in from there. I may be on bedrest or I may be working, the good thing is my cervix is closed and long, so who knows what these cramps are about. Being up and doing a lot makes them worse for sure.
Here's the pictures from our last ultrasound! We stayed strong and the sex of Ducky is still a surprise!
He or she was sucking their cute little thumb!
And here's a sweet little profile shot! I can' tbelieve 4 more months and we will have 2 little ones in this home! Crazy

Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 weeks & feeling festive!

I'm half way through this pregnancy (at least!) Here are two photots, the one above is my regular weekly photo and the one below is from a Holiday Party we went to over the weekend.
Everything is still good. We had a bit of a scare yesterday. I started with some spotting and cramping and pressure. It persisted over the evening and so when Les got home from work we headed into L&D triage. I was lucky that Dr.J happened to be on call. He did a quick ultrasound and Ducky looked great. Strong heartbeat and breech (he or she better flip!)
My placenta looks low and he thinks there may be a clot causing the bleeding. I'm off work for the week. I have my "big" ultrasound tomorrow and see him Friday. Hoping for the all clear then.
On Sunday we went to my work Christmas party for the kids. Logan had a great day, we all did!
They had animals and he got to pet a baby kangaroo!
As well as some bunnies!
He even sat on Santa and didn't cry! The present Santa gave him may have helped!
IT made us all very excired for the holidays! Logan is a magical age this year and we are so excited for the season!
Here is our little family, next year there will be another little person in this photo!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch Up! 19 weeks!

16 weeks!
17 weeks!
18 weeks!
19 weeks!
A little catch up on the last few weeks! I'm growing and so is Ducky thats for sure!
I'm still super busy with work and school and home and the juggle of it all.
Things are going very well, school is done this coming Wednesday and I will be off for 5ish weeks, I'm so excited for a break! I'm getting a little anxious about next semester but trying not
to worry too much about it. I trust it will all work out one way or another.
I have a terrible cold right now thats really kicking my butt. I think Logan is starting with it too,
thank God (as usual) for my mom. She's so helpful and took Logan tonight to let me rest (in between working my 12 hour shifts!)
Dear Ducky,
Mommy loves you so much already. Today you gave me a couple of good big kicks, just to remind me you were safe and happy in there, and that made me so happy. I feel sad that I don't get to write to you as often as I did your brother. You are letting me be much busier then he ever did! I was on bredrest by now with him, thanks baby. I know your big brother loves you already too!
He of course came of with your nickname, and he kisses my belly for you and talks to you, but I'm sure you can hear that. He even tries to "share" his snacks and toys with you by putting them in my belly button! We are slowly starting to get ready for you, Daddy has started working on the basement, and hopefully before long we can set up the nursery. Of course you'll be in mama's room for the first while, and if your like your brother for the first few years! LOL
Please keep getting big and strong and stay put until the spring! I pray every night that God Blessed you my sweet baby, Love you already, mama

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

15 weeks!

This week marks 15 weeks! Thats when I started taking belly shots last time!

So here is the comparison! I am WAY bigger this time.

I also looked much better last time :(

Not sure if its the stress of having a toddler or if its that my hair despoeratley needs to be cut,

or perhaps I need to splurge and spend $$ on quality skin care and make up like I used

to in my pre mommy days?

Or is it just that this little ducky is a girl and she's stealing all my beauty! LOL

I am going to start with the survey I did during my last pregnant, I want things to be "fair" after all! I will only do this once a month or so!

How far along? 15 weeks

Total Weight Gain? I am still fluctuating between the same 3 lbs I was pre pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes? YES everything! A few regualr shirts but pants are all maternity now!

Stretch Marks? Just lots of leftovers from Logan!

Sleep? Just OK. I wake every 4 hrs to pee and my school/work/toddler are more disruptive then the pregnancy is!

Best Moment this week? Feeling a STRONG thump from ducky!

Movement? A lot more and stronger everyday! Still moslty flutters but the odd bigger movement too now!

Food Cravings? pickles, fruit juice, pizza

Gender? I'm thinking girl, but maybe thats being hopeful we will be thrilled with

either and are team green as of now!

Labour Signs? None!

Belly Button? No change!

I miss the most? wine and travelling!

What am I looking forward to the most? Hearing ducky's heartbeat on Friday!

Milestones? happily in 2nd tri!

Friday, October 21, 2011

14 weeks & the zoo

I'm 14 weeks this week! I'm still feeling pretty good, but have had a nasty cold/cough

thats kicking my butt!

I haven't gained any weight this far and I continue to have no morning sickness!

I have an appetite but try to keep it somewhat healthy. I do strongly believe

that you should indulge during pergnancy tho!

I have felt baby move a few times already! Just the little flutters, but it excites me so much. I started to feel it just around 13 weeks, it seems early but I'm sure that was it!

Here I am this week at 14 weeks, next week I will include a comparison picture from

my pregnancy with L, I didn't even start until 15 weeks!

Despite the craziness of my life I am REALLY going to try and post a bit more regularly

to document things just as well for ducky as I did for L.

Dear Ducky, Mommy loves you so much already. From the moment I knew you were coming I knoew you would make our lives so much richer. You have an amazing big brother who is already so excited to meet you! We can't wait till Spring until we get to find out if your a brother or a sister, Daddy and L think your a girl, mommy really isn't sure these days! Please stay strong and safe in there! May God Bless you sweet baby, xoxox Mama

And nw the zoo! In Septmeber *I think* while it was still warm we made it to the zoo!

We decided to buy a membership so I hope we make it again very soon!

Mr. Logan still has the capability of sleeping anywhere! Just like his mama!

My boys! I love them so much!
Mama's boy, we were waiting for the Polar Bears, but I think it was too warm for them!


Friday, October 14, 2011

2nd trimester!

Do you see that sweet smile!? God I love this boy.
He is the highlight of every day.
He's talking so much now, we can have real conversations which is fun!
Except he's been telling some stories! When you ask him who made the mess in his
playroom (as you can see above!) he says it was daddy or the kitty! Stinker.
He's a lot of fun these days, and just a joy.
Of course we have trying moments, but for the most part he is very well behaved.
I am officially in my 2nd trimester today! So I guess its time I shared some details....
I found out I was pregnant in early August, I have a few early posts I wrote and saved that I will put up soon, I wanted to have records of notes to this baby like I did L.
After a few early scares and repeared ultrasounds (I had a cyst as I did with Logan). We saw that
all was well and we had another little one on the way!
The day after I found out I had Logan bring Les a new book to read it was titled
"I'm a big brother!" Les was surprised and very excited!
I have been tired, but remember I am working close to full time hours, in school and a mama of a very active 2 year old. My mom and Les have been huge helps!
Other then fatigue I have been feeling pretty good, some heartburn and occasional nausea, but NOTHING like when I was pregnant last time! I'm not complaining trust me!
My due date is April 17th, my stats final is April 18th, haha its ok you can laugh.
I'm just trusting it will all work out, I am going to talk to the professor and see when teh earliest date I can write is, and cross my fingers that baby stays in and my blood pressure stays down until after that date! GO ahead, say it, I'm crazy....
As with Logan, we are team green, for now I'm referring to baby as ducky, since when I ask L what's in mommy's belly he says its a ducky in there! He may be dissapointed come spring!
Have you heard you show earlier with your second!?...
This is me at 12 weeks 1 day
Here I am at 13 weeks 3 days!
I haven't gained any weight but I've defintely got a bump!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Logan has something to share....

Apple Picking!

I love the fall!! I'm sorry if any readers still exsist! Our life is officially totally crazy.
School seems to be going well, I am overwhelmed and even a little surprised with the amount
of work that it entails! I am not dumb tho (as I feared) and while I am surviving on a shockingly small amount of sleep I am doing well (I think!).
Les and I are still working on finding the right balance but we are trying.
The house is suffering, Thank God for my mom, she is such a huge help to us!
Its Fall, the weather here has been perfect. I love milkd jean and sweater weather!
We went apple picking last weekend. I am DETERMINED to still have quality family time!
This means most nights I am up till 2am or late doing school work, and I'm up by 8 (5:30 if its a work day!) to get our day going!
I'm tired but all is going very well! I promise to try and update more often!
Here is our little family! Makes my heart swell!
Logan loved up every second of it!
The apples were delicious I'm hoping to find time to bake later today!
He looks so grown up in this photo, it kills me!
With my friends little one!
Train Ride!
Hay Pile Climbing. He would love country living! Too bad mama's not cut out for it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost a big boy!!

I can't believe how quickly Logan is growing up!

He is talking a ton now and can completely communicate his needs/wants with us.

Whats even better is we can explain and reason (to a degree) with him.

We try to give him choices often so that he learns abotu consequences and feels a sense

of control over his life.

Logan has had a pacifier, or "guk" as well call it since he was born. Before he even went to breast he was given a guk to soothe him because he wasn't well enough to nurse.

He has become VERY attached to his guk. We worked hard on limiting it

to naps, bed and car trips.

But I'll be honest. He often found one and I let him have it, especially if we

were having a quiet day in.

Or if he was sick, which wiht his asthma is often.

Usually is was just when he was sleepy or watching TV in the evening with
me or kitty that he would really want it.

However sometimes when he was playing he would want it to.

Often I could distract him enough and slip it away and if we were busy

he didn't really ask for it.

I began to really worry about how we would get rid of it!

The guk fairy? give it to a baby? cut the end?

What if he cried and screamed for it?

We were/are hoping to do a trip this fall so I decided to focus on potty training

and wait until AFTER the trip.

A goal of having it gone by the new year was made!

The week of his birthday I sent cupcakes and a camera to school.

His teachers were great and took pictures for us.

I was shocked to see Logan had his guk the entire day!

And he was the only one who did!

Well something very interesting happened in our house on July 29th,

just 5 days after he turned two.

After his regular 3 bedtime stories he asked for his new Dora book to be read again.

On a whim (as I was going to get a guk) I said "do you want me to read your Dora book or do you want a guk?" he replied "Dora Book!" I explained that if he picked his Dora

book his guk would be gone and he wouldn't have it anymore

that he would have to go to sleep without it.

Again, he said "Dora Book!" (Yes you read that right I unintentionally bribed my child!)

I read the Dora book and turned off the light. He didn't even ask for it.

And he went right to sleep!!

I went thru the house and gathered up all the guks.

He didn't ask for it the next day at all, even at naps & bed.

The following day he did, I jsut reminded him they were gone and he was fine.

He asked for one maybe 5 times total in the days to follow.

Never a tear, no crying.

He was sick last week and saw some at the store and asked "guk gone"

I said yes honey the guks are gone.

I am indrecibly proud of my big boy. We are almost a month later and completely

guk free!!

I am still shocked at how smooothly it went, but I guess its because

he was really ready for it to be gone!!

My handsome boy is one his way to being a big boy!

I'm not sure I'm ready for this!!

Thank Goodness he still loves his mama snuggles!