Tuesday, December 13, 2011

21 weeks & ultrasound pics!

I was 21 weeks last week! I actually LOST 3 pounds at my last appointment, so that only puts me up about 3 or 4 pounds so far. I'm not having any huge cravings yet and other then headaches I've been feeling pretty good. The cramping that I had last week subsided with rest, but on Monday when I went back to work they picked up again. So as of now I'm home resting waiting to see my OB on Friday, I'm not really sure which direction things will go in from there. I may be on bedrest or I may be working, the good thing is my cervix is closed and long, so who knows what these cramps are about. Being up and doing a lot makes them worse for sure.
Here's the pictures from our last ultrasound! We stayed strong and the sex of Ducky is still a surprise!
He or she was sucking their cute little thumb!
And here's a sweet little profile shot! I can' tbelieve 4 more months and we will have 2 little ones in this home! Crazy

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Laney said...

Look how cute! Looking good:)