Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 weeks & feeling festive!

I'm half way through this pregnancy (at least!) Here are two photots, the one above is my regular weekly photo and the one below is from a Holiday Party we went to over the weekend.
Everything is still good. We had a bit of a scare yesterday. I started with some spotting and cramping and pressure. It persisted over the evening and so when Les got home from work we headed into L&D triage. I was lucky that Dr.J happened to be on call. He did a quick ultrasound and Ducky looked great. Strong heartbeat and breech (he or she better flip!)
My placenta looks low and he thinks there may be a clot causing the bleeding. I'm off work for the week. I have my "big" ultrasound tomorrow and see him Friday. Hoping for the all clear then.
On Sunday we went to my work Christmas party for the kids. Logan had a great day, we all did!
They had animals and he got to pet a baby kangaroo!
As well as some bunnies!
He even sat on Santa and didn't cry! The present Santa gave him may have helped!
IT made us all very excired for the holidays! Logan is a magical age this year and we are so excited for the season!
Here is our little family, next year there will be another little person in this photo!


Sew.What. said...

Sorry for the scare momma! Hope all is well!

That second picture of Logan, the one with the bunnies I think, that face looks just like Les!

Mitzi G. said...

Hope you are doing better & no more spotting........

Love the picture with Santa!!