Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch Up! 19 weeks!

16 weeks!
17 weeks!
18 weeks!
19 weeks!
A little catch up on the last few weeks! I'm growing and so is Ducky thats for sure!
I'm still super busy with work and school and home and the juggle of it all.
Things are going very well, school is done this coming Wednesday and I will be off for 5ish weeks, I'm so excited for a break! I'm getting a little anxious about next semester but trying not
to worry too much about it. I trust it will all work out one way or another.
I have a terrible cold right now thats really kicking my butt. I think Logan is starting with it too,
thank God (as usual) for my mom. She's so helpful and took Logan tonight to let me rest (in between working my 12 hour shifts!)
Dear Ducky,
Mommy loves you so much already. Today you gave me a couple of good big kicks, just to remind me you were safe and happy in there, and that made me so happy. I feel sad that I don't get to write to you as often as I did your brother. You are letting me be much busier then he ever did! I was on bredrest by now with him, thanks baby. I know your big brother loves you already too!
He of course came of with your nickname, and he kisses my belly for you and talks to you, but I'm sure you can hear that. He even tries to "share" his snacks and toys with you by putting them in my belly button! We are slowly starting to get ready for you, Daddy has started working on the basement, and hopefully before long we can set up the nursery. Of course you'll be in mama's room for the first while, and if your like your brother for the first few years! LOL
Please keep getting big and strong and stay put until the spring! I pray every night that God Blessed you my sweet baby, Love you already, mama


Jaime said...

you look adorable! I wish my belly was rounding out like that. LOVE your letters to baby :)

Laney said...

Lookin good :)

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