Sunday, February 22, 2009

2nd Trimester

Wow! I jsut can't believe it, I am so happy to reach another milestone in this pregnancy! This weekend I officially cross the threshold into the 2nd trimester! I expected that magically I would wake up & feel wonderful, revitalized. That my heartburn/nausea/vomiting would be a thing of the past & that my constant fatigue & mental fogginess would be nothing but a distant memory. Man was I wrong! Its all still here! Thats OK I decided early on I would take any and all of these pregnancy symptoms instride, I would happily endure it, anything to ensure my little bear is well.
I am ever expanding, while the scale still has me at about 6 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight NOTHING fits me. I am so lucky that I wear roomy scrubs for a living, although several people at work commented that I am starting to show. I am down to a single pair of pre=pregnancy pants that were lose & are now snug. I went to old navy in search of a few peices of clothign to add to my sad little wardrobe, I managed to find a pair of pants, that of course need to be hemmed. They are cute tho. I am hopeing to have more luck when I go shopping with mom on Tuesday. My belly is definetly thicker & harder, under the flab. I am nto feeling remotely cute or round, just fat. I can't wait for it to actually look like a little pregnancy bump, not just like I've been a little over indulgent!
My newest pregnancy woe, trouble sleeping. Never ever in my life have I had trouble sleeping. My two favourite things are eatign & sleeping & both are slowly slipping away from me! At least I can still enjoy most foods, its just a little later when they coem back up thats not so nice. But this sleeping thing could really become an issue.
Tomorrow is take two for the NT scan. Baby Bear was very uncooporative last week, hopefully he or she will get in the right position for this one. It abxolutely is great for me tho, I love seeing my little one on the screen, a beautiful littl eheart beating away. I also love now that he/she is lookign lie a real baby seeing the dancing & wiggling, Les' reaction is priceless! I will post our pics from tomorrow ASAP!

Friday, February 20, 2009

So Happy!

I know I have been a horrible blogger & should have updated far before now, but my jet-leg has not worn off & I am back to work already!

Tuesday we went to see Dr.J & had our NT scan, I was SO relieved when I saw our little baby dancing around in there & saw the beautiful little heart beatign away! Unfortunately they were unabel to get the measurement becuase my child was not beign very well behaved...he or she was standign straight up on it head dancing & flipping all around, Les was so amazed by it. The tech even commented on how clear we could see the babe's details for 13 weeks. We were able to count 5 fingers on the hands & make out a fat little buddha belly, I am so in love! I get another ultrasound on Monday to attempt the NT measurement again, hopefully my little one is in a good position this time!

We talked to Dr.J about the spotting & pretty much we have no idea of knowing why it happened, however the 2 cysts I had are gone & maybe this had soemthing to do with it. He has given me the all clear for work & regular activities. All else is good. I totally feel like crap still, I am SO tired even after a full nights sleep. My heartburn/nausea/vomiting has not improved as of yet. However my appetite has, I am hungry, I eat & thenI feel AWFUL. It seems unfair! But it will all be worth it in 6 months or so!

I officially announced the pregnancy to the world & work via facebook & showing off my ultrasound pics at work. The responses were interesting. Some people were totally shocked, we are the first of our friends to have kids, others said they had suspected & some people have the nerve to say, well itsn't that a little soon-umm thats none of your business!

Thus far I am in the negative for weight gain, which is good since I am overweight to begin with. However none of my clothes fit, none. I had to go buy maternity pants but could only find one pair. I have to make another shoppign trip & soon. Luckily my bigger scrubs I bought still are roomy & should last a while more.

Baby Bear, mommy & daddy love you so much! it was amzing to see you in there moving & dancing. I can't wait to feel you! Keep growing big & strong for us! We will get everything ready for you to coem this summer! I am sorry I can't eat very much right now, but you are giving momma a very hard time of this! We are so happy that you picked us to be your parents. We are so excited for all of our moments with you. May God Bless you little one, Love Momma

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freaking out

I am relly freaking out & feeling very out of control. Last night I started with a small amount of what looked like brown discharge, this morning it is obviously brown spotting. I know brown means old blood & that brown is better then red, but its still so scary. I feel helpless. All I can do is pray & rest, which I am. I have put myself on bedrest of sorts, just taking it easy. Its hard eign in the Philippines & havign this happen, I can't call my doctor orgo for an ultrasound, or jsut have the comforts of home. I have been under a lot of stress, getting along with my in-laws can be difficult at the best of times. I think my body has been under a lot of physical stress as well. We have long days, spendign hours in a car on bumpy rides, unable to drink enough because of the frequesnt need to pee, I am sure I am dehydrated. Also I have not been eatign properl, at no fault of my own. All I am fed is white rice & various meats Almost no fruits or vegetables, it just hwo they eat here, it is also hard to get. As a result of this low fiber diet I have been very constipated, causing cramps. As of now it seems to be slowing, its jsut spotting when I wipe. I keep praing it stops. I could go to the ER here but if I am misscarrying there is nothing they can do, I do not want to be exposed to any illness there and If the worst is true I do not want to deal with it here. I want to be home with my family, my docotor. I am trying so hard to stay positive. I have still been experiencing headaches & nausea & my belly has definetly grown. I have read probably WAY too much on the internet explaining many possible causes. One site did say that even if you have spotting if you have had an ultrsound between 7&11 weeks with a good heartbeat the chances of the pregnancy continuing healthy is over 90%. I am holding on to that. I leave here early Monday morning, its Friday morning now, just a few more days till I am headed to my comfort zone. Also, Tuesday I see my doctor & have a ultrasound, so hopefully I get reassurance then. For now I will continue to rest I pray no more long excursions, no more stress. Rest & Hydratio are my goals until deprture.
My Baby Bear, I love you so very much already. Mommy hs so many plans for all of the wonderful things we are going to do together. Please stay healthy & strong in there, mommy will do everything she can fromout here. Please Jesus, send angels to look after my baby, let it be healthy & let this bleeding stop. All good & precious things come from above. I lay my worry at your feet dear God, please take it from me..Amen

Sunday, February 1, 2009

From the Philippines

I am writing a quick update from the Philippines. Everything is going well pregnancy wise. I still hae all the symptoms as well as some new nasty headaches ( I think maybe the heat is contributing to this). My nausea is still full force, almost costant, and I have been actually getting sick a lot more. I have been havign major food aversions, pretty much any meat at all is off limits to me, I get so sick just looking at it! My food options are very limited here, it tons of rice & fried foods or really sweet breads. All I have the appetite for us fresh fruit & veggies & savory foods, I would LOVE dill pickles & greek salad as well as crusty french bread with butter, non of this is availale here! I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday, my bloat went down last week but either its comign bck or my middle is gettign thicker....not sure I like it! I am obviously not "showing" yet but am looking bigger so I just feel fat, like even fatter then normal. I will be glad when I actually look pregnant.
Our trip has been good, it is hot which is a nice difference form the snowy winter we have had. I have had some major culture shocks, but I am adjusting. There is no hot water running in the house, so all cold showers. I guess I can't really call it a shower, it involes a bucket & a small pail with a hndle, you pour the water over you head! Also there are no washimg machines, all hand washed & lined dried clothes. And Les' family has house "workers" who do this as well as the cleaning & cooking...its strange to me! I look forward to when I get home in 2 weeks & get to see my baby on the ultrasound machine again!
Baby Bear, mommy & daddy are so happy to have you with us! I hope you are enjoying our vacation, mommy has been trying to get lots of rest for you! Keep growing little one! Your great Lola was so excited to find out about you! You are a blessing to so many people already! We pry everyday for you! Love you Baby!