Friday, February 20, 2009

So Happy!

I know I have been a horrible blogger & should have updated far before now, but my jet-leg has not worn off & I am back to work already!

Tuesday we went to see Dr.J & had our NT scan, I was SO relieved when I saw our little baby dancing around in there & saw the beautiful little heart beatign away! Unfortunately they were unabel to get the measurement becuase my child was not beign very well behaved...he or she was standign straight up on it head dancing & flipping all around, Les was so amazed by it. The tech even commented on how clear we could see the babe's details for 13 weeks. We were able to count 5 fingers on the hands & make out a fat little buddha belly, I am so in love! I get another ultrasound on Monday to attempt the NT measurement again, hopefully my little one is in a good position this time!

We talked to Dr.J about the spotting & pretty much we have no idea of knowing why it happened, however the 2 cysts I had are gone & maybe this had soemthing to do with it. He has given me the all clear for work & regular activities. All else is good. I totally feel like crap still, I am SO tired even after a full nights sleep. My heartburn/nausea/vomiting has not improved as of yet. However my appetite has, I am hungry, I eat & thenI feel AWFUL. It seems unfair! But it will all be worth it in 6 months or so!

I officially announced the pregnancy to the world & work via facebook & showing off my ultrasound pics at work. The responses were interesting. Some people were totally shocked, we are the first of our friends to have kids, others said they had suspected & some people have the nerve to say, well itsn't that a little soon-umm thats none of your business!

Thus far I am in the negative for weight gain, which is good since I am overweight to begin with. However none of my clothes fit, none. I had to go buy maternity pants but could only find one pair. I have to make another shoppign trip & soon. Luckily my bigger scrubs I bought still are roomy & should last a while more.

Baby Bear, mommy & daddy love you so much! it was amzing to see you in there moving & dancing. I can't wait to feel you! Keep growing big & strong for us! We will get everything ready for you to coem this summer! I am sorry I can't eat very much right now, but you are giving momma a very hard time of this! We are so happy that you picked us to be your parents. We are so excited for all of our moments with you. May God Bless you little one, Love Momma

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therowfam said...

I'm so glad your little baby bear is okay :)