Sunday, February 1, 2009

From the Philippines

I am writing a quick update from the Philippines. Everything is going well pregnancy wise. I still hae all the symptoms as well as some new nasty headaches ( I think maybe the heat is contributing to this). My nausea is still full force, almost costant, and I have been actually getting sick a lot more. I have been havign major food aversions, pretty much any meat at all is off limits to me, I get so sick just looking at it! My food options are very limited here, it tons of rice & fried foods or really sweet breads. All I have the appetite for us fresh fruit & veggies & savory foods, I would LOVE dill pickles & greek salad as well as crusty french bread with butter, non of this is availale here! I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday, my bloat went down last week but either its comign bck or my middle is gettign thicker....not sure I like it! I am obviously not "showing" yet but am looking bigger so I just feel fat, like even fatter then normal. I will be glad when I actually look pregnant.
Our trip has been good, it is hot which is a nice difference form the snowy winter we have had. I have had some major culture shocks, but I am adjusting. There is no hot water running in the house, so all cold showers. I guess I can't really call it a shower, it involes a bucket & a small pail with a hndle, you pour the water over you head! Also there are no washimg machines, all hand washed & lined dried clothes. And Les' family has house "workers" who do this as well as the cleaning & cooking...its strange to me! I look forward to when I get home in 2 weeks & get to see my baby on the ultrasound machine again!
Baby Bear, mommy & daddy are so happy to have you with us! I hope you are enjoying our vacation, mommy has been trying to get lots of rest for you! Keep growing little one! Your great Lola was so excited to find out about you! You are a blessing to so many people already! We pry everyday for you! Love you Baby!

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