Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 weeks & our trip!

Yesterday was 9 weeks! My baby is the size of a medium green olive!! In my pregnancy book it actually looks like a little baby & not just a tadpole! Last night my in the middle of the night sickness hit in fullest force ever! This morning is a bit better, as long as I remember to take my Zantac & Diclectin its just a mild sensation of nausea instead of full force dry heaving, it was really lovely. I am hopeing that my constant state of exhaustion helps me to sleep on the plane. A lot will happen with my little baby while we are away. Next week he or she will go from an embyro to a fetus. The growth is unbelievable too! The further along I get in this pregnancy the more & more excited I get. I can't wait till my next ultrasound when I can see little arms & legs wiggling around! I won't be writing until we return from the Philippines, which is February 16th. I will miss my family SO much! Luckily my sister & her boyfriend will be houes & kitty sitting for us! My poor little kitty is going to miss us so!!

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