Saturday, January 3, 2009

Travel Worries!

I am getting really really anxious about my upcoming trip. We are going to the Philippinesto visit Les' family. Don't get me wrong I am excited to meet his family & think it will be a great experience. But I am worried about the pregnancy. Of course I have talked to a doctor at work about the safety and he said it was fine,t hat it wouldn't increase my risks of anything happening. I still worry. And then of course I have been so sick. The flight is 20 hours which scares me too. I am pretty anxious when it comes to flying & now the worries of a blood clot & not to mention the vomitting....ugh it has been awful the last few days. I see the doctor before we leave so I will make sure I get a prescription for Diceltin. I am also going to make sure to get an ultrasound before we leave; partially because I want to hear the heartbeat for my own peace of mind and of course to make sure everything looks good before we leave! My other worry, of course is the food. Not that I have an appetite lately, or I have been eating much. I am so worried about the food that will be there. I have had food poisoning twice before, and was even hospitalized for it once. I will just be super cautious, bottled water only, no milk, no meats, just rice, fruits & veggies, oh & I plan on bringing, literally a suitcase full of healthy snack foods. I just have to try to relax about everything. I think an ultrasound will really help to ease my nerves!

I feel terrible most of the time. I told Les it like a constant & permanent hangover. I have a fuzzy headache, I"m exhausted, my body feels run down, my broken ribs KILL (from the vomiting) I have little appetite, when I do get hungry & manage to eat, I throw it up. As long as my baby is OK in there! All of our family is getting pretty excited about the baby. We went shopping yesterday & I bought some Christmas clothes & a blanket for baby. Of course it was all super cheap & on sale, so in the baby closet they go for next year!

Baby, mommy loves you so! Please grow big & strong in there! We can't wait till August when we get to meet you! We are so blessed to have you on the way!


k said...

When are you leaving and how long will you be gone? I will pray for safe travels for you and that your baby stays safe!

k said...

Oh, and most of all HAVE FUN! Try to relax and everything will be just fine. :)