Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Day!

The snow started falling last night & its still falling! Its fine with me as I barely have enough energy to update my blog! I have foudn that the Diclectin is making me even more tired then without! All I want to do is lounge & sleep! I know Les is getting frusturated with me. I am trying, its just hard. The nausea is still here off & on. My evenings are rough. Naps are my new best friend. I am sure that this stage will pass, so I am trying to take it in stride!

I see my family doctor on Monday, I am so hopeign he will be sending me for an ultrasound, I think I will feel so much more at ease once I see my baby on the screen & familly get to see the heartbeat! Luckily Les is off work & he will be coming with me.

Tomorrow we are having my girlfriends & their partners over for dinner. Le is great, I know he will help a lot with the cooking, but man does my house need a lot of attention between now & then! I just napped, so hopefully after eating someting I will have some energy. Les is out clearing the snow, we still have to go out for groceries! It was nice to have a lazy day in but I guess its over now!

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bnatal.canada said...

Sorry to hear about your nausea woes - have u tried B-natal. Vitamin B6 as an alternative to the prescription product. Comes in cherry or green apple. Good luck.