Friday, January 16, 2009

8 weeks

I was 8 weeks on Wednesday! Baby Bear is the size of a raspberry! He or she is moving around & growing a ton. Its so amazing, this whole baby growing process! My symptoms are pretty much the same, they come & go. There is some definite bloat going on here! My BFF at work last night said she could tell, no one else said anything, so I think its just cus she knows & is looking for it! Although I know for sure I am not showing, and I have actually lost some weight thanks to my lack of appetite & regular nausea my jeans will not do up, at all. So with that my wardrobe is limited to one rescpectible pair of pants & a bunch of sweats. I have some summer maternity stuff for my trip & my friend is lending me some summer clothes the next size up, so that should get me thru my Tropical Vacation (as I am trying to convince myself this family trip is!). I will be 13 weeks hen we get back & I am pretty sure will have to purchase some new pants. I already had to buy some scrubs in the next size up, I do not think they will last the whole pregnancy, perhaps with a Bella Band, maybe....

I am exhausted all the time, I keep waiting for this to subside, no luck! orking nights doesn't help. On my days off I am totally content with staying in my PJs, as they fit comfortably & slowly rotate between louging & doing some stuff around the house. Poor Les, he must be sick of havign a lazy hermit as a wife!! Speaking of Les, he has been wonderful lately. I really don't give him enough credit. The first few eeks were a struggle, but he has really been making up for my lack of motivation. He has been getting up early in the morning & cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, making me meals, not being too offended when I can't stomach them! He also told me the other day that he is getting more & more excited about things, I think it just took time to be real. He took my ultrasound picture to work & was showing it off, what a proud papa!

He was also my hero the other night when he called Northwest & fixed our plane dilemma. His parents has a "friend" book our flight because he gets a better "deal". Well as it turns out this involved the 4 of us sitting in 4 totally seperate areas of the where near eachother & all seats were middle seats in a row of 3, as in 20 hrs between strangers with my husband not in my vision! I freaked, liek probably a litltle over the top ( I get to blame it on the hormones). He made a phone call, used the pregnancy card, they congratulated us & gave us 2 great seats with no row of seats directly in front of us & me an asile. His parents however, are stuck miles apart-no tmy problem. I am tryign tohave a positive outlook & vow to make this trip as memorable as possible, for Les. We will probably never go back. I just think 26 days with my ILs will be well, trying. I will also miss my family like mad. I talk to my mom everyday! I really am trying to convince myself it will be a vacation, which in a sense it will. We will be visiting family & travelling some but I will have no work, no repsonsibilities, how many people get that luxury between weeks 9 & 13! It will be very nice in that sense! And escaping this -24 weather will be wonderful as well!

Although I have chosen not to tell all the people in my life about our little blessing yet, I did give the ILs the OK to tell their family & friends. They were calling us regularly and anxiously asking if they could! Once I had the ultrasound & saw the little heart beating I let them open the floodgates. Apparently MIL got off the phone from Les tellign her this at work & yelled "I'm going to be a Grandma!!" Nothing like being subtle! Oh well its their first grandchild, I guess its warranted! LOL

To my Sweet Baby Bear. Momma loves you so! With each day that goes by it feels more & more real that I have a person growing inside me. Daddy keeps talking about how much fun we are going to have with you, he is so right! Stay nice & cozy in there, Momma will do everything she can to give you a nice home for the next 7 months! We love you!

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