Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 weeks

I am 7 weeks pregnant today! I feel like every week is such a milestone!! Baby Bear is the size of a blueberry this week! There is lots going on in there, as a lot of growing & changing is happening. I am doing OK. I started on Zantac & Diclectin this week. I can't really tell if its helping or not because I have been on midnights & my whole body & routine are out of whack! Before I went back to work tho I was finding most of the day really difficult. I am nauseated 7 tired until about 4-5pm. I can hardly eat anything at all before dinner. Then from about 5-9 I feel better & am hungry. But if I eat too much I get sick again! Haha its like a juggling act. Nights actually seems to work OK for this scenario. I am able to sleep while I am feeling my crappiest & wake up in time to eat & head to work. I still am EXHAUSTED all the time regardless, but at least I am not feeling pukey the entire time. I did feeel awful between 3:30 & 4:30 AM last night. And when my pt was vomiting, I was almost too! No one at work understands why I am dragging os much, i just said I haven't been sleepign well, not ready to share my news yet!
I worked with my OB last night, so I was able to tell him I am PG & discuss a few things with him very quickly. He says my travel time isn't too bad, just that I am still at the stage where I am at a risk for m/c, not that the trip would cause this or affect it, but that it could happen & I need to know what to do if it does. I still feel very postiive about this pregnancy, this baby was emant to be. And if its true that me feeling like crap is a good sign as far as hormones go, then all the better!

Its so hard keeping this secret from other people, I can't imagine of we had waited any longer to tell out families! Its nice to have people share in our excitement. L has been great, taking such good care of me & baby bear!

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