Friday, July 31, 2009

1 week old!

Here is our little man today, one week old already! I have a feeling this is going to go by WAY to quickly! I am enjoying every single second of being a mommy, even the 3am feeding LOL!
We go tomorrow to the maternal newborn clinic to have his bilirubin retested as well as to have him weighed. When we left the hospital he had a 5.5% weight loss, which really is not a very bad loss for 6 days, I am hoping that he either gains a bit or holds his own. I will update as soon as we get back!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home sweet home

We are home! I just wanted you all to know!
So far so good, we are a little anxious as first time parents but will manage LOL!
I am hoping Logan eats lots & lots because he has not started gaining weight yet, the breastfeeding is still going really well but he needs to eat. We go back Saturday morning to have his bilirusin retested & have his weight checked, so we have about 36 hrs to get ourselves together!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mommy & her boy

Here I am tonight with my little man. He is still SO yellow! The jaundice is a bit worse today however he is not acting AT ALL like a sick baby. He is very active & alert & eats like a little champ. My breasts are super sore I have an over supply issue and a super fast let down but we are working thru these small issues. I feel so blessed that the only issue we are dealing with is the ABO incompatibility & jaundice, there are so many other things are preemie could be dealing with.
I hope to post my birth story soon, I have to find the notes Les made while I was in labour & find the time to sit down & write it. I must say tho that my recovery has been much easier then I anticipated. I am feeling pretty good, just super tired from beign up & nursing etc. Today I went to my mom's & showered & did my hair, which made me feel a bit more human! I asked Les to bring me up some pants to wear & he accidently grabbed some pre-pregnancy pants, i was shocked that they fir very comfortably. I weighed myself today & am only 4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully with nursing & being busy I can lose some of the extra weight I started with. I only ended up gaining 20 lbs the entire pregnancy & was so swollen in the end I am sure at least those last 5 lbs were mostly water weight. Its all so worth it tho, I just love being a mommy, so eager to get my little boy home!

A little more time....

is what my boy needs. So we are getting cozy for another day or two in the NICU. Logan is still doing well, he is not acting sick at all. His bilirubin is boarderline but we do not want to risk it getting worse at home. He is feeding awesome, & hates his little bili bed, it breaks my heart to force him to stay in it. All he wants is gor his momma to hold & cuddle him. The only snuggles we get are during feedings. Poor Les barely gets snuggles, just diaper duty.

There are many sick babies here, it makes us appreciate our little guy & how well he is doing. We will get home & he will be ours forever, for now we will stay here & do what he needs.

Please say a prayer for Logan & for all the other NICU babies.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An update & lots of pics!

We are still in the NICU with Logan, last night the nurse brought him to me each time he needed to feed, we are now officially exclusively breastfeeding. Once we are home I will have Les give the occasional bottle of EBM just so that he won't refuse it later. Things are going really well. I think this little boy feels he has something to prove! On his 2nd day the Dr mentioned that his output was a little low, and so Logan peed on every nurse who changed him, he wanted them to know his output was fine! On day 3 the DR said we could stop the IV if Logan took at least 28ml from breast or bottle, and so he started taking 35-50ml! He is trying to make things a little better for his mama! I just want this little guy home so bad!

Today his IV was taken out completely & his preventative antibiotics were discontinued since his culture came back negative. The DR is so impressed with his eating that he let him come in our room with us, he even said we MAY be going home tomorrow if the Bilirubin is better. Please say a prayer that it is & we are on our way home! Logan was circumcised today in preperation for going home as well. This has made him super fussy, and his feeding routine has been a little off. Breastfeeding is still going super well except I have a major oversupply issue, I have tons of stored milk already! There could be worse things tho!

And now because I am such a proud mama here are some photos for you!

A sweet little close up of our little man, I never knew I could feel this way! Its amazing
Here he is in his "Bili Bed" it is allowing him to be treated for jaundice & be rooming in with us! Its so nice (and exhausting) to be taking care of him ourselves! Les is doing such an awesome job too! Logan really likes his paci! This is great news! LOL

I just love this photo, he looks so tiny and curled up! This is in his isolette when he was under the lights, I can't believe he is mine!

My two men! Logan and his daddy having a snuggle after a feeding session.
He didn't like the first bath I gave him! We had to do a sponge bath because of his IV and will have to for the next week or so until his circumcision heals.

Here I am with my little boy. I am still very puffy here from the PIH, but so in love!

Finally here is my amazing husband. I love him more then ever. On Sunday was my 2nd baby shower and Iwas not well enough to go. Les filled in, he did great! He has been taking amazing care of me, feeding me, getting me drinks & of course heling with Logan. He is a natural at it all!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Little Piggy!

Despite a very difficult pregnancy & being induced at 35.3 weeks my son is a little star eater. I must say one of my biggest fears with him being early was that I would have difficulties breastfeeding. So far things are going SO well! The day he was born they were not going to feed him as they didn't want to stress him out. They let me do kangaroo care & he had a very different idea, he immediatly began rooting, I went ahead & latched him & he nursed for 30 minutes! I wasn't able to feed until he was 6 hrs old, so this was very good!

Ever since then he has been doing absolutely amazing. I have been breastfeeding almost every feeding all day & allowing them to bottle feed at night, either EBM if I have enough or formula. He is such a good little eater that today they locked his IV & he is getting all his nutrition from me (mostly). I always intended on breast & bottle feeding but did not plan on giving the formula right away. He is very jaundiced due to an ABO incompatibilty so I decided that him getting food by mouth was one step closer to home. I am glad I made this decision. My milk is starting to come in & so he is getting less & less formula. Here is me and my little man nurseing
I am doing just OK. I am still struggling with high blood pressures & was started on medication for it. I am really hoping they do not discharge me tomorrow as I am needing to rest a lot or my blood pressure goes up, I can't be here & rest unless I have a room. I need to be here to feed my baby. Hopefully my OB agrees. I am still getting headaches & dizzy spells as well. I really hope this starts to resolve soon, although I understand it can last up to 6 weeks. I am just eager to get home with my baby, my hope is we are home by Friday. I am off to pump & try to sleep!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Logan update & photos

Here are a few more photos from last night. Logan is doing well, he is off of the nasal CPAP & is breathing on his own perfectly! He has breastfed twice & bottle fed the EBM I left for him last night. I am going now to feed again.

We have an ABO blood incompatibility (I am O and Logan is B like his daddy) so he is jaundiced & gettign phototherapy.

I am off to feed him & will be meeting with the Dr so will know then.

Please keep my little man in your prayers we we can get him home & healthy as soon as possible. I am so in love, its the most amazing feeling ever!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Its a Boy!!

Logan Lawrence Cruz L arrived July 24th 2009 at 10:05 am weighing a tiny 5lbs 10 oz, he is so perfect!

I will post a full birth story later but will give a really quick summary now. My PIH worsened yesterday & so they decided to induce me, we started at 6pm with the foley. I got the epidural around 4cm shortly after my water broke. It wore off several times requiring a total of 6 top ups. At one point the on call physician offered to do a c-section, I am so glad I held off! I pushed for 30 minutes & only had a tiny tear requiring 3 stitches.

Logan is diong well but is almost 5 weeks early, he had to go to the NICU & is currently on nasal CPAP to help him out wiht hsi breathing. He has a partially collapsed lung that they expect to self resolve. They are treating him with antibiotics as a pracaution until his labwork comes back negative in 48 hrs. He is not well enough to feed jsut yet & has an IB but I have started pumping & we are hoping to put him to breast tomorrow. I will update as I can, but for now I am one happy & tired momma! Here are a few pictures of my little man:

This is him with the CPAP, it looks scarier then it is. They expect him to come off of it tonight or tomorrow.
Here he is before the CPAP, he looks a lot like his daddy, look at those chunky monkey cheeks!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Labour

Hello everyone this is Mrs. Teddy's husband Les... So she was induced today at 6:00pm because she was starting with pre-clampsia. BP continued to stay elevated and the doctor made the call to have the induction. So the skinny is that she and baby are doing well. For now we know she is 3cm dilated believe it or not and he water has broken. Epidural is in, and at present we are trying to get her as comfortable as possible. Baby Bear is doing good and behaving for now... Didn't think that this would happen so soon but I guess Baby Bear had a mind of its own.... Thanks for all your support and will keep you posted. Les

Update~good news for today.

Things look a but mreo stable at the moment. My blood pressure remains very high, and I still have all the symptoms of swelling, headache, & epigastric pain. I have been started on a 2nd BP med & hopefully the combo of the two helps.

My labwork came back "not too bad", so I am guessing this means it wasn't perfect but not bad enough to act on just yet. I am in the process of collecting a 24 hr urine that will give us more answers.

I had an ultrasound done, BB scored 8/8 on the BPP which is awesome. It looks like I caught these BP issues pretty early on, before they started to affect my placenta, etc. So as long as we watch it closely hopefully we can be on top of it. BB weighs an estimated 6lbs 6ozs! Thats a good size for this gestation! They gave me a few pictures of the face, too cute I think he or she has daddy's nose, a round face like momma & chunky monkey cheeks. I guess we will see sooner then later!

Dr.J is back in town tomorrow & I will talk to him more about his plan. My suspicion, knowing how he practices & what the concerns are is that he will want me to remain admitted until we induce or I go into labour on my own. I have been having soem cramps & inconsistent contractions, the Dr thinks maybe my body knows its time anyways. I guess we will see!

Scared~an update

Just a quick update. My night did not go well. My headache persisited despite medications and my blood pressure continued to elevate, around 1am I started seeing bright spots on elevating & my BP was 156/105. After a call into the on call DR I was given another dose of a different BP med as well as more Tylenol #2 and another Ativan, to try and relax me, with this & an ice pack on my head I was able to sleep for about 3 hrs.

This morning my bp is still elevated, 147/100 and my headache & epigastric pain persist. I am currently awaiting an ultrasound to check baby's size & do a biophysical profile. If there is any indication that baby is not tolerating things then I will be beign induced ASAP.

I am so scared, I just want a healty baby & a healthy me out of all of this. Our NICU is full, its currently closed. This could mean I would be transfered out to another hospital for my induction or that after delivery baby could be transfered out. I am really hoping this does not happen. I want to be here with my family. I will post anpther update this afternoon after my test results are in.

to lighten up my mood a bit. Les & I invested in a new camera last week. Its really his toy as he is much better with photo taking then I am . We got the Canon Rebel xsi. So far we are so happy with it. We know the moments with BB will be precious and want to have beautiful photos.

Here is one Les snapped of me sitting on the couch, nothing too fancy, but a nice clear shot!

And here is my little boy, Calvin Cat, he is so darn cute!! I miss him already, I really hope he adjusts to baby OK!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

35 weeks & back in the hospital

Today I am 35 weeks! That means 35 days more days, although it seems as if my body is just about done with this pregnancy! Here is today's photo, my belly is BIG & boy am I puffy! The swelling is everywhere from my face to my hands to my legs! Its not comfy or pretty!

Well before I do my survey I will give a little overview of today. When Les came home from work this morning he noticed swelling in my face & was concerned, he checked my blood pressure, it was high 142/96. We were concerend but I was tired & hadn't slept well & had a headache so I convinced Les that I should go back to bed & check it again when I woke up. I took some Tylenol & went to bed. I went for my massage therapy this afternoon & still had a headache after a second dose of Tylenol. We checked my BP again, it was high again & I had protein in my urine. So after consulting my friend/colleague we headed to triage, I really thought I would be in & out. However, when I got here my BP was even higher 152/101 and there was protein in my urine, my headache is worse & my vision is altered. So they admitted me, they considered inducing had my labs been too bad but luckily they are not that bad. They will repeat them in the morning. Dr. J's goal is to get me to at least 36 weeks, 37 would be ideal. So for now its one day at a time, & hoping BB can stay put a little longer!

How far along? 35 weeks!
Total Weight Gain? 21 lbs as of Monday.
Maternity Clothes? Everything, I am not buying anymore tho!
Stretch Marks? More & more going further up the bump!
Sleep? Not so great! I am uncomfortable, peeing every 2 hrs, my hips hurt, and everytime I need to change positions I get awful RL pain! This is leaving me very tired!
Best Moment this week? Les feeling more & more of BB's movements. And our friends SEEING the bump move, they thought that was pretty neat.
Food Cravings? Cheese, cherries, watermelon
Labour Signs? I am having inconsistent cramps & contractions, they were even picking up on the monitor tonight.
Belly Button? sticks out a bit depending on BB position, otherwise totally flat.
What I miss the most? Sleep, my ankles & being able to move without groaning! And being at home with my husband!
What am I looking forward to the most? having a healthy outside baby in a few weeks!
Milestones? making it to 35/35, developing PIH and being readmitted to the hospital.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new degree of hotness!

Well its official, I have reached a whole new level of sexy. My swelling is getting really really bad. My blood pressure is boarderline, I have +1 protein in my urine and have been getting headaches daily. I am officially being watched for pre-eclampsia and was upgraded to weekly appointments at 34 weeks.

The swelling in my legs is awful, it goes all the way up to me knees, its worse at night. I have been doing everything under the sun to help it go down. They are a little better today because I spent most of yesterday in bed with them elevated. I now only fit in one pair of flip flops that are 2 sizes bigger then my normal size! Well my lovely husband wanted to help so he brought me home a pair of support hose. God these things are awful! They are ugly and itchy and not comfy at all, I need Les to help me get them on. I must say the support does help the pain & achieness in my legs, we will see if it helps with the hideous swelling! Here is a very lovely picture of them!

I don't mean to complain so much but boy am I uncomfortable! The DR yesterday thinks that my pelvic bones are beginning to sperate & my body is preparing for BB to come, this is good buy I am hoping I don't feel this way for 5 more weeks. I am having a really hard time moving or standing. I have a lot of pain in my hips & my lower back as well as crampy sharp pains in my lower bump, super super low. As well as pressure in my pelvis accompanied by shooting pains in my perinuem. In addition to the swelling pain I am feeling pretty lousy. BB is super active, which actually hurts at this point. Luckily, with me being off work I am able to spend a lot of time resting. And Les has been awesome about helping around the house & not being annoyed by my laziness.

Tomorrow I am seeing the massage therapist so hopefully that will help with my discomfort. otherwise I just keep reminding myself it will all be totally worth it & I know it will be. The closer I get to BB being here the more anxious i get, not about being a mommy but about the entire labour process. I try to just not think about it, I will deal with it when the time comes. I am gettign so excited to meet this little one tho, I can't wait to see if its a boy or a girl and what he or she will look like. I can't wait to see Les with the baby and watch him be a daddy, I know he will be awesome. This little one could be here in just a few weeks! Wow. I better set things ready!

Finally, to make up for the scary picture above here is a cute picture of my little man, Calvin Cat. He was snuggling with Les on the couch here, I thought him curled up with the mouse was too cute! He is the best cat, I hope he transitions OK to BB being here! He is such a momma's boy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The weekend & baby names....

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday I went & had a pedi & mani which was SO nice, of course my finger nails are chipped ALREADY! They never last long enough! Saturday we had a wedding to go to. I wore my $9 consignment store dress, my feet were so huge that I had to wear flip flops tho. I found spem cute gold ones that were kinda dressy & wore those, I had to buy them 2 sizes bigger then normal! We had a nice time, Les got to drink as I am an instant DD. Here is a photo of the two of us, I think I look puffy!

On Sunday we had soem friends over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. We played cranium & just hung out, I know those days are numbered so I am glad we got to do it. My house still isn't 100% put back together but I am just too sore & swollen to completely care.

Today I went to the Dr's . I was a little disspointed that I ended up beign seen by a resident & didn't end up seeing Dr.J. I was going to say something but since I had to get my GBS swab done & she was a female I thought eh whatever. I do have some concerns about all the swelling & headaches but she reassured me its normal. I will make sure to see Dr.J next week. I didn't like that she obviously knew nothing about my history. I have been VERY uncomfortable this last week with a lot of pelvic pressure & back pain but I figure its just what happens at this point in prengancy. I think its totally surreal that I could have an outside baby in just a few weeks!

On the way home from the DR my van over heated, I had to pull over & call Les to come bring me coolant. Despite putting the coolant in it continued to over heat all the way home. Its in the garage now, hopefully its nothing major. Its an 11 year old vehicle that my in laws gave me, they think it should last for 5 more years, I am not so sure thats going to happen. I do not want it to break down when I am alone with BB. It also has np heat, which I have told Les needs to be fixed before this winter, my poor BB will freeze! My sister's var broke down today & Les had to go rescue her as well, so he got very little sleep before work tonight, hopefully he has an OK shift.

So baby names.....I can't believe that at almost 35 weeks I am reconsidering our name choices. i wish Les was home to discuss this with me. I just had a long chat with my sister & she reminded me that someone will always have soemthing to say about whatever we choose. DHs friends are giving us a really hard time about our boy name "Logan Lawrence Cruz L". They say Logan is a typical"white kid" name, whatever that means. obviously our child will not fall into theat stereotype. Then tonight I found out the my girls name "Alexia Carol Anne L" is a type of learning disability, I think that bothers me a bit. now we are playing around with a few other options. Mostly Landon for a boy or Alexa or Cora for a girl. Although I do still really like our first picks......good thing we have a few more weeks to decide!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SEW Excited!

haha OK thats really dorky but I couldn't resist! I am so grateful to my wonderful husband. I was inspired by a blogger/bumpie friend who receantly took up sewing and has done soem amazing projects. So I have been talking about wanting a sewing machine, I asked for one for next Christmas. Well we were out shopping and came across an awesome deal & Les insisted I get it now!

We set it up today & started playing with it. I have never touched a sewing machine before, neither has Les but together we figured it out ( I will admit he was better then me!!)

Here is Les teaching me the basics of our first official sewing project! I had been working on the project already so it was pretty much ready to go! I am so happy with the progress! I am looking forward to working on more projects very soon!
Here is a shot of my completed work! Can you tell what it is? Its burp cloths! This set is not stitched perfect, as I was learning so they are for BB. They are made using cloth diapers & cotton fabric. I used a free tutorial that was really easy to follow. I will be making more of these as gifts for a friend who is also expecting.

Here is a photo of one of them unfolded, it gived you a better idea of how it looks/works. I think all folded nice together & tied with a ribbon they are a great addition to a shower gift!
If anyone has any other free tutorials for simple starter projects please send them my way I would like to do a bit more before BB arrvies!
My other sad story, my feet. This photo is by far NOT the worst they have been, in face at the moment they are much bigger. My DR is slightly concerned about pre-eclampsia, we are monitoring my BP every night, its only slightly elevated. I have been doing every trick I can think of to make the swelling better to no avail. I can't find any shoes to fit my feet & I am in a lot of pain. Here's the scary photo!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

34 weeks!

Well, I look much better in this weeks photo! I am feeling a lot better too (gall bladder wise anyways). I am definetly entering the uncomfortable part of pregnancy tho!

How far along? 34 weeks!
Total Weight Gain? This is of yesterday 19 lbs. However that means I gained 6 lbs in one week! (Since the last weighed me in the hospital!). Dr.J thinks a lot of it is water weight simply due to the size of my feet/ankles/legs. Plus I have swelling inmy hands & face as well. Either way I am good with that.
Maternity Clothes? Everything, I am not buying anymore tho!
Stretch Marks? Yup, they are mving further up the bump now too.
Sleep? Not so great! I am uncomfortable, peeing every 2 hrs, my hips hurt, and everytime I need to change positions I get awful RL pain! This is leaving me very tired!
Best Moment this week? Getting out of the hospital & back to feeling good!
Food Cravings? Nothing in particular, its nice to be eating again, I am pretty much back to a normal diet, just trying to avoid fried & spicy foods.
Labour Signs? I had a few contractions this week, not too painful but def contractions.
Belly Button? sticks out a bit depending on BB position, otherwise totally flat.
What I miss the most? Sleep, my ankles & being able to move without groaning!
What am I looking forward to the most? Spending these last few weeks with Les.
Milestones? bathing suit shopping & swimming, which was AMAZING! I hope I can do a lot more of that!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming home outfit & a better day!

Man was I emotional yesterday! Although I still feel warranted in my feelings I don't usually get THAT upset over such things! Today however was a much better day. After sleeping in I went & saw Dr.J, I will give details in tomorrow's post, however all went well. He is going to start seeing me weekly already because he is slightly concerned about the swelling in my legs/feet/ankles and the headaches I have been having. Next week is my GBS swab, great. I brought a gift basket in to the unit I was on in the hospital , everyone there was awesome to me.

This afternoon we went to see a movie which I don't think we have done in years, I cheated a bit with my diet & had popcorn, I am sure the salt is just great for my swelling but it was delicious! Then we did a bit of shopping & came home for dinner. We are in the market for a new camera & think we have coem to a decision on what we want, hopefully Les can feel like he is getting a good deal & we can just buy it already! LOL

We have decided on BB's home coming outfit! I reallyy debated on this, its actually funny how it ended up coming together. I had gotten no NB clothes at all so I went out & bought one laayette set & a 5 pack of onesies with coordinating pants from carter's I figure that will be enough to get us thru the first little bit, I have about 5 oneisies & 7 outfits in 0-3 months as well. I settled on the NB layette for home, it was a green set with bears, suting since we have a "baby bear" coming! However I had always envisioned bringing BB home in white I figured it just wasn't meant to be!

Well, my mom brought over this cute little weight set that was a hat, booties & a bib, with little bears on it. I thought it was so sweet but obviously not an outfit. Then my neighbour brought over a gift, a beautiful blanket that matches my mom's gift perfect, all in white & gray. Then I all of a sudden remembered buying a set of onesies in 0-3 months that was similar, I dug it out & it was part of the set, all from Children's Place! I paired it with little white pants they we may leave off if its warm, as it most likely will be. I am so happy with the little set, here are some photos!
This is a photo of it all together, too cute! I will be bringing a white bow as well, in case its a girl!
This is a close up of the detail on the blanket, of love the satin trim & the Bear is so fitting!

This is the little outfit, along with the pants of we use them. I think its just too sweet!
Here is just the onesie, it has little Bears & ABC blocks on it, similar to the blanket above.
The hat as well as the cute little bib! I still can't believe how this all came together so perfect!
Finally the sweet little booties! I can't wait to see this all on BB, its going to be perfect!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blame it on the hormones.....

Well the title says it all, I am blaming it on the hormones! I am so emotional tonight, I am not sure exactly what my problem is! I am crying as I type this, I cried while I tidied up the kitchen & swept the floors. I cried because the bump isn't working. Ugh this officially sucks. I am a big swollen weepy mess!

Les and I got in a fight this morning & he (although he doesn't know it) started my crying this evening. He worked the last 4 days, I got out of the hospital Friday & have hardley seen him since. He is with his friends tonight. This makes me sad, again, the hormones. I just feel lonely 7 like he doesn't want to be with me...this is irrational. His friends are very important to him and over the next few weeks he has a lot of plans with them. I am trying to be understanding & supportive as things are really about to change. Maybe this bothers me so much because his friends NEVER EVER include their significant others when they do their thing. I guess I just feel like at this point in out lives we should be doing more together. His friends are so immature. They are not doing anything wrong, just BBQs, pool parties, cedar point trip, etc that they feel should only involve the guys. I just wonder when the rest of them will grow up enough & I won't always be stuck home alone. Then I start thinking about when I have the baby, will they all expect this to continue, for me to be left here alone with an infant & himt o be out with them like he is an bachelor??

I tried to discuss these thoughts & fears with him this morning but he got really defensive. All I was sayign was that I was being really supportive about all these outings & that I expected after my shower in 2 weeks he would be more focused on helping me prepare for BBs arrival. Then he starts acting like a martyr and sayign fien I won't go I'll stay here. Which isn't what I want him to do, especially since when he's here he fricken plays video games! He works hard & when he works a 4 day stretch he does NOTHING around the house, works, eats, plays games & sleeps thats it. I know he has a stressful job & I try to give him this time. Well then on his 5 days off he usually spends one or two days with his friends, a day or two "relaxing" otherwise known as playing video games, and maybe we will have one day together. Maybe I am being too needy....

I am feeling very overwhelmed in general tonight. The list of things I need to do before BB arrives is long. A lot needs to be done around the house, I still have shower stuff to organize & baby stuff to get together.....I need to make a list maybe that will calm me down....

I need to go take a soak in the tub & relax a bit I think! This is crazy! My day wasn't all tears tho. I went to see Dr. Ben my chiropractor who really helped my back, then I went to Old Navy & got a cute little monkey sleeper for BB. After that I went to lunch with my sisters & my cousin. Then I had a wonderful afternoon floating around in my sister's friend's pool. It felt so nice! Totally weightless! I hope I can do that more often!! I even got a bit of sun, which my pale skin needed!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nursery Finished!!

Our nursery is finally complete! Well, mostly anyways. There are a few last small things to do like find a hamper, hang a rack, hem the curtains, and after our next shower we will have even more to add but it is pretty much ready for BB to coem home! Here are some pics!

Well, this clearly is not the nursery! This is our master bedroom, BB will spend probably the first 3 months or so here. This is our PNP, its set up right beside my side of the bed. I love that it has the new born sleep, which will cradle the baby as well as the changing table. I will stock it well it blankets, changes of PJs, wipes, diapers so that we have everythign we need at our fingers!
This is the nuresry! I am so happy with it!! This is the veiw from the doorway. We went with a jungle tales theme, the green is beautiful, its Asparagus be Behr and matches the bedding perfect. BB has a nice collection of books started! On the floor is an elephant rocking horse, he sings & is so cute, it matches the theme wonderfully!

This is to the left of the first photo, its the change table/dresser combo. The top part screws in the back & coems off without damaging the dresser. The wooden animal rack has several pegs on it to hang clothes etc, it will be hung very soon above the dresser! I love the changing pad cover, its minky & so soft. You can also see our soundspa maching there (AKA~baby crack) hopefully BB enjoys it! I have to better oragnize the diaper caddy for now it houses all of our lotions, etc.

Just a close up of the top of the dresser. that monkey is knit. He is so cute, he was a shower gift from one of our favourite families!

This is a close up of the crib, bedding, mobile & decals. It all flows so well!

A close up of the decals, they are removable & reusable I moved them like a hundred times! I am happy with this design. I didn't want them random thr the room. Also I think its a safer option of art over the crib (it can't fall on BB!).

The bedding inside the crib with the lovey we plan on encouraging BB to use. He is a super soft monkey/blankie. He came in a boxed set called "A pair plus a spare" with 3 identical ones. So we have back ups in case!
This is a colse up of the closet orangizers I made using scrapbook paper, I love how they turned out! I like having the closet organized so well! I plan on using a similar method & paper to make wall letters in BBs name for over the door, once he or she arrives!
This is a bigger shot of the closet, it is pretty much overflowing with stuff because as of now everything baby related it there. After my next shower we are going to sort & organize & put bath stuff in the bathroom, feeding stuff in the kitchen, etc. For now this keeps it in one spot!
Here is a close up of the nesting tables & the lamp. This will be great for breastfeeding! The basket of toys is now stored under there on that little shelf as well.

Our glider, which is so comfy & will be well used with a chocolate brown cord pillow that matches the chocolate brown cord curtains behind it.

This is a close up of the art work Les & I did. Its using scrapbook paper ( I will use the same colours & patterns for BBs name letters). It was easy & turned out great! Super cheap too!

I used the extra decals for the closet doors. This is a close up of one of them. I didn't want it to be too overwhelming but think this works.
This is the outside door entering the room. Just one simple decal.
This is accross from the crib. This is our closet doors with decals. Above the doors is the custom artwork a friend did for BB, I think they turned out awesome. She also inscraibed a poem to baby on the back of them.
Thats it!! I hope you enjoyed! If you haev any tips/suggestions for something let me know!