Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An update & lots of pics!

We are still in the NICU with Logan, last night the nurse brought him to me each time he needed to feed, we are now officially exclusively breastfeeding. Once we are home I will have Les give the occasional bottle of EBM just so that he won't refuse it later. Things are going really well. I think this little boy feels he has something to prove! On his 2nd day the Dr mentioned that his output was a little low, and so Logan peed on every nurse who changed him, he wanted them to know his output was fine! On day 3 the DR said we could stop the IV if Logan took at least 28ml from breast or bottle, and so he started taking 35-50ml! He is trying to make things a little better for his mama! I just want this little guy home so bad!

Today his IV was taken out completely & his preventative antibiotics were discontinued since his culture came back negative. The DR is so impressed with his eating that he let him come in our room with us, he even said we MAY be going home tomorrow if the Bilirubin is better. Please say a prayer that it is & we are on our way home! Logan was circumcised today in preperation for going home as well. This has made him super fussy, and his feeding routine has been a little off. Breastfeeding is still going super well except I have a major oversupply issue, I have tons of stored milk already! There could be worse things tho!

And now because I am such a proud mama here are some photos for you!

A sweet little close up of our little man, I never knew I could feel this way! Its amazing
Here he is in his "Bili Bed" it is allowing him to be treated for jaundice & be rooming in with us! Its so nice (and exhausting) to be taking care of him ourselves! Les is doing such an awesome job too! Logan really likes his paci! This is great news! LOL

I just love this photo, he looks so tiny and curled up! This is in his isolette when he was under the lights, I can't believe he is mine!

My two men! Logan and his daddy having a snuggle after a feeding session.
He didn't like the first bath I gave him! We had to do a sponge bath because of his IV and will have to for the next week or so until his circumcision heals.

Here I am with my little boy. I am still very puffy here from the PIH, but so in love!

Finally here is my amazing husband. I love him more then ever. On Sunday was my 2nd baby shower and Iwas not well enough to go. Les filled in, he did great! He has been taking amazing care of me, feeding me, getting me drinks & of course heling with Logan. He is a natural at it all!


Elaine said...

Aw, what sweet pictures! It sounds like Logan is going great. And you do have a wonderful husband.

A Baby Peach said...

Great news!!!! He's adorable!

Laura said...

What beautiful pictures! Congratulations!!!! I am so excited to meet my little girl.. this post made me even more excited :)