Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nursery Finished!!

Our nursery is finally complete! Well, mostly anyways. There are a few last small things to do like find a hamper, hang a rack, hem the curtains, and after our next shower we will have even more to add but it is pretty much ready for BB to coem home! Here are some pics!

Well, this clearly is not the nursery! This is our master bedroom, BB will spend probably the first 3 months or so here. This is our PNP, its set up right beside my side of the bed. I love that it has the new born sleep, which will cradle the baby as well as the changing table. I will stock it well it blankets, changes of PJs, wipes, diapers so that we have everythign we need at our fingers!
This is the nuresry! I am so happy with it!! This is the veiw from the doorway. We went with a jungle tales theme, the green is beautiful, its Asparagus be Behr and matches the bedding perfect. BB has a nice collection of books started! On the floor is an elephant rocking horse, he sings & is so cute, it matches the theme wonderfully!

This is to the left of the first photo, its the change table/dresser combo. The top part screws in the back & coems off without damaging the dresser. The wooden animal rack has several pegs on it to hang clothes etc, it will be hung very soon above the dresser! I love the changing pad cover, its minky & so soft. You can also see our soundspa maching there (AKA~baby crack) hopefully BB enjoys it! I have to better oragnize the diaper caddy for now it houses all of our lotions, etc.

Just a close up of the top of the dresser. that monkey is knit. He is so cute, he was a shower gift from one of our favourite families!

This is a close up of the crib, bedding, mobile & decals. It all flows so well!

A close up of the decals, they are removable & reusable I moved them like a hundred times! I am happy with this design. I didn't want them random thr the room. Also I think its a safer option of art over the crib (it can't fall on BB!).

The bedding inside the crib with the lovey we plan on encouraging BB to use. He is a super soft monkey/blankie. He came in a boxed set called "A pair plus a spare" with 3 identical ones. So we have back ups in case!
This is a colse up of the closet orangizers I made using scrapbook paper, I love how they turned out! I like having the closet organized so well! I plan on using a similar method & paper to make wall letters in BBs name for over the door, once he or she arrives!
This is a bigger shot of the closet, it is pretty much overflowing with stuff because as of now everything baby related it there. After my next shower we are going to sort & organize & put bath stuff in the bathroom, feeding stuff in the kitchen, etc. For now this keeps it in one spot!
Here is a close up of the nesting tables & the lamp. This will be great for breastfeeding! The basket of toys is now stored under there on that little shelf as well.

Our glider, which is so comfy & will be well used with a chocolate brown cord pillow that matches the chocolate brown cord curtains behind it.

This is a close up of the art work Les & I did. Its using scrapbook paper ( I will use the same colours & patterns for BBs name letters). It was easy & turned out great! Super cheap too!

I used the extra decals for the closet doors. This is a close up of one of them. I didn't want it to be too overwhelming but think this works.
This is the outside door entering the room. Just one simple decal.
This is accross from the crib. This is our closet doors with decals. Above the doors is the custom artwork a friend did for BB, I think they turned out awesome. She also inscraibed a poem to baby on the back of them.
Thats it!! I hope you enjoyed! If you haev any tips/suggestions for something let me know!


Brittany said...

the nursery looks absolutely adorable!!! You did a great job!

A Baby Peach said...

Love the scrapbook paper animal wall art! :)

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I LOVE the nursery....& the scrapbook organizers!! Hope you don't mind but I will be stealing the idea :)