Monday, July 20, 2009

The weekend & baby names....

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday I went & had a pedi & mani which was SO nice, of course my finger nails are chipped ALREADY! They never last long enough! Saturday we had a wedding to go to. I wore my $9 consignment store dress, my feet were so huge that I had to wear flip flops tho. I found spem cute gold ones that were kinda dressy & wore those, I had to buy them 2 sizes bigger then normal! We had a nice time, Les got to drink as I am an instant DD. Here is a photo of the two of us, I think I look puffy!

On Sunday we had soem friends over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. We played cranium & just hung out, I know those days are numbered so I am glad we got to do it. My house still isn't 100% put back together but I am just too sore & swollen to completely care.

Today I went to the Dr's . I was a little disspointed that I ended up beign seen by a resident & didn't end up seeing Dr.J. I was going to say something but since I had to get my GBS swab done & she was a female I thought eh whatever. I do have some concerns about all the swelling & headaches but she reassured me its normal. I will make sure to see Dr.J next week. I didn't like that she obviously knew nothing about my history. I have been VERY uncomfortable this last week with a lot of pelvic pressure & back pain but I figure its just what happens at this point in prengancy. I think its totally surreal that I could have an outside baby in just a few weeks!

On the way home from the DR my van over heated, I had to pull over & call Les to come bring me coolant. Despite putting the coolant in it continued to over heat all the way home. Its in the garage now, hopefully its nothing major. Its an 11 year old vehicle that my in laws gave me, they think it should last for 5 more years, I am not so sure thats going to happen. I do not want it to break down when I am alone with BB. It also has np heat, which I have told Les needs to be fixed before this winter, my poor BB will freeze! My sister's var broke down today & Les had to go rescue her as well, so he got very little sleep before work tonight, hopefully he has an OK shift.

So baby names.....I can't believe that at almost 35 weeks I am reconsidering our name choices. i wish Les was home to discuss this with me. I just had a long chat with my sister & she reminded me that someone will always have soemthing to say about whatever we choose. DHs friends are giving us a really hard time about our boy name "Logan Lawrence Cruz L". They say Logan is a typical"white kid" name, whatever that means. obviously our child will not fall into theat stereotype. Then tonight I found out the my girls name "Alexia Carol Anne L" is a type of learning disability, I think that bothers me a bit. now we are playing around with a few other options. Mostly Landon for a boy or Alexa or Cora for a girl. Although I do still really like our first picks......good thing we have a few more weeks to decide!


Laura said...

I really like all your choices. You really have to go with what you like and what you think is best. Other people are always going to have differing opinions... it's that way with everything. I have a girlfriend with a son named Logan and I think it's such good name. I am not sure what the "typical white Kid" is supposed to mean, as he is actually the only Logan that I know personally. And I know alot of white kids. I really like the name Cora!

Jessica said...

Love the name Cora!!