Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Little Piggy!

Despite a very difficult pregnancy & being induced at 35.3 weeks my son is a little star eater. I must say one of my biggest fears with him being early was that I would have difficulties breastfeeding. So far things are going SO well! The day he was born they were not going to feed him as they didn't want to stress him out. They let me do kangaroo care & he had a very different idea, he immediatly began rooting, I went ahead & latched him & he nursed for 30 minutes! I wasn't able to feed until he was 6 hrs old, so this was very good!

Ever since then he has been doing absolutely amazing. I have been breastfeeding almost every feeding all day & allowing them to bottle feed at night, either EBM if I have enough or formula. He is such a good little eater that today they locked his IV & he is getting all his nutrition from me (mostly). I always intended on breast & bottle feeding but did not plan on giving the formula right away. He is very jaundiced due to an ABO incompatibilty so I decided that him getting food by mouth was one step closer to home. I am glad I made this decision. My milk is starting to come in & so he is getting less & less formula. Here is me and my little man nurseing
I am doing just OK. I am still struggling with high blood pressures & was started on medication for it. I am really hoping they do not discharge me tomorrow as I am needing to rest a lot or my blood pressure goes up, I can't be here & rest unless I have a room. I need to be here to feed my baby. Hopefully my OB agrees. I am still getting headaches & dizzy spells as well. I really hope this starts to resolve soon, although I understand it can last up to 6 weeks. I am just eager to get home with my baby, my hope is we are home by Friday. I am off to pump & try to sleep!


MrsBro... said...

What a handsome boy! I'm so happy you and he are doing great.
My fingers are crossed you will be able to go home soon.

A Baby Peach said...

Beautiful :)
I'm so happy things are going well!

Sarah, Stephen, and Baby Luke said...

Congratulations - I didn't know you delivered! What a cutie!

Laura said...

I can't believe they didn't want to feed him the first day cuz they didn't want to stress him out! From everything I have read breastfeeding them as soon as possible is the most relaxing, reassuring thing you can do for them. I am glad you were able to. Sometimes the nurses and docs at the hospital don't always know whats best. I am glad things are going so well... I hope you feel better and get to go home soon!