Friday, July 2, 2010

We are done and I'm a little sad..

I think we are officially weaned. This makes me so sad. My baby is getting so big.
I have such mixed emotions about weaning at 11 months. I had never set a goal and I am so proud of us for doing so well for so long. I decided to slowly wean several weeks ago. I had previuosly intended on doing it a few weeks before I went back to work much more quickly. However I was afraid the stress of too much change at once would stress us both out. I wanted him to not be missing me AND his milk so we started the transition. It went well and at the beginning of this week we were down to just nursing first thing in the morning. And then I hurt my back again and I have been taking medication that is not safe for nursing and so we cut that session as well. He has rooted at all, if he wanted to nurse I would probably still let him, but he hasnt' shown any interst. This makes me sad too. We dont' get a whole lot of snuggle time since he is putting himself to sleep as well. My baby is growing way way too fast!