Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 months!!

Logan you are 7 months old!!

Once again we can't believe how quickly these months are just flying by! You are growing and changing right before our eyes, you are such a little man now!

You weigh 18 lbs and you are 26 inches long!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

You have pretty much outgrown you 6 month clothes and mostly wear 6-9, 9 & even some 12 month clothes!

You are not crawling yet but you can MOVE! You are so curious, you roll and squirm and even started to climb a bit, you are into everything!

You love your jumperoo and anything with lights or music.

You give kisses now and reach up to mommy or daddy when you want to be picked up.

You are very social and prefer to be out & about then just sitting at home, you love other people especially other babies and children.

You get so excited when daddy gets home from work if you are still awake you kick and smile and can't wait for him to play with you.

Sleep is still something we are working on! You are not much for naps, mommy is trying to fix this, you nap for about 1/2 an hour two times in the morning and then have one longer afternoon nap. You nap the best if mommy naps with you, you are still a cuddle bug!

You go to bed pretty good most nights between 7:00 and 8:00 pm and you wake up to eat 2 or 3 times a night still! I guess you are a growing boy!

You have two teeth now!

You LOVE to eat! You still nurse 6-8 times in 24 hrs (which is a lot mister!!) and you get 2 solid meals a day, sometimes a snack too if mommy is eating, you want whatever I have. I make your baby food but you seem to prefer table food. Breakfast is usually toast with cream cheese or hummus along with cereal, 1/2 a container of fruit and a container of yogurt. At dinner I usually give you veggies and recently you tried chicken and you love it! If you eat baby food you eat 1-2 containers full at dinner time!

You have started to become a very vocal little man! You make a cute little "ohhh" moany sound and you shreak and scream all the time. You have lots to say!

We brought you to watch your cousin Keagan play hockey and you loved it! You also like watching hockey and other sports on TV. Right now the winter olympics are here in Canada and you are loving it on TV all the time! You are very patriotic!

Momma and Daddy love you so very much! We have mixed feelings about you growing our hearts swell with pride at each accomplishment and milestone you reach and at the same time we want to savour every second of "babyhood" we have with you because it feels like ti is slipping quickly.

PS-this is a few days late being posted because we had a VERY hard time getting photos of you Mr. mover!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I won!!

I am so very excited!! Remember that great giveaway I blogged about? I WON!! I never win anything ( I guess I can't say that anymore!). I need to thank Valerie from Next to Heaven, if you haven't checked out her blog make sure you do its great (and not just because I won!). I am so excited to get my box of surprises I promise to blog all about it! I am super excited to be getting beautiful jewelry from her awesome etsy store spunk & sass. I haven't really treated myself since having L, its all gone to him and he so deserves it, but this will be such a wonderful treat for me!
Also thanks to Mitzi over at The Goodson Family Journey for blogging about the give away, and I thought she had all the luck, I guess she passed some over my way!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Out with the old & in with the new....

Well the time has officially come L is outgrowing some of his little baby toys. Its bittersweet. I love to watch him grow, I swell with pride at each new accomplishment or milestone; and yet I want to hold on to this little baby time as it goes by so very quickly. He is moving and exploring so much. We really need to get our house babyproofed ASAP! We are carefully packing away all the things and clothes L is outgrowing to pass them on to his sibling one day.

The first of his toys to go was his playmat. This was especially sad becuase it has been so loved and well used. From very early on I have used this for play and tummy time. I remember how excited I was when he started batting at the toys, and then grabbing them...

Well now L is rolling everywhere and so the mat is leading to frusturation. He rolls and gets stuck, as you can see. Then he gets mad. And so away it has gone.

The next thing we have had to put away is the bumbo. He now turns sideways, plants on foot ont he surface below him and arches his back, he can successfully and very dangerously escape.

However since some small baby thigns have goen away some big baby things have been brought out. He is really enjoyign toys and boosk these days. Since our basement is not finished our living room is turning into romper room, betweent he big toys like the exersaucer and the leap frog table and all the small things it was getting out of control, and yet I wanted at least some things to be accessibel in our main lving area, my solution...

This lovely little shelf. I got it at Target (SO worth the drive to the states) and it holds his toys just perfectly. I got two bins to keep small toys in, there is also a basket tucked to the side for additonal things, like the blanket I put out for him to play on/roll off of. I have since pur a few pictures frames on it. I think it fits in to the livingroom very nicely. I hope that as L grows we can teach him to put things away on it to keep thigns tidy.

And so its not all sad, he is growing and learning and thriving and that makes my heart happy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surprise Giveaway!

Who does't LOVE a giveaway? Head over to Next to Heaven for your chance to enter!

(AND keep your eyes out here for a giveaway of my own!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Sick Babe

Its heartbreaking to have a sick baby. You literally feel helpless I just want to be super mama and make it all better. Poor little man has a terrible cold, his cough is deep and congested and his nose is so stuffy. He's having a hard time nursing because of it. But my little man is a trooper....

He's been doing a lot of this.....
And a lot of this.....

But in between he still find time for this. Its amazing how kids are. He is happy and smiley despite feeling crappy. I can see it in his little eyes they are tired despite all the sleep. I just want to hold and snuggle and love on him all day, anything I can do to help him.
We've been doing all the home remedies I know of.....humidifier in the room, sitting in a steamy shower, vicks vapo rub to the feet & chest (the baby kind of course), saline drops to the nose. Its not helping much. He only has a low grade temp of about 100*F and I have been giving him Tylenol or Motrin when he seems uncomfortable. His second tooth is on its way to boot, poor guy!
We saw Dr.S yesterday and he feels the same way I do about antibiotics (they are great when used properly but unfortunately are FAR over prescribed) and so he gave me a prescription and said to watchfully wait and decide if I think its necessary, for now its in the diaper bag. If this is a virus, which it likely is because his temp is not very high then antibiotics will not help. For now I will encourage rest and nutrition, especially breastmilk (Les is sick too, and I am not maybe I have some antibodies to share?). If things get worse or persist to a week then we will reconsider the antibiotics. For now I will give him lots of love tho!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Day!

Today was Logan's first Valentine's Day, and he had a very special day! I had photos done and cards and frames ready for his Aunties and Grandparents, they turned out great! I will scan some soon to share!
What was extra special about today was that Logan was baptised! We had his photos done a few weeks ago in his little suit, and had this picture on display in the hall. Isn't he just the sweetest!?

He was such a little angel today! Not a single cry or tear all day! He was smiley and happy, even when they poured the water on his head. I will write a while post once I get all my pictures back from our amazing godmother/aunt/photographer.

And as if a baptism and valentines in one day wasn't enough...Logan got his FIRST TOOTH today! I saw it under the gum last night and he was SO fussy yesterday..then this morning I could feel it, it broek thru! Poor little man seems very uncomfy tonight, he needs extra snuggles I think!

Friday, February 5, 2010

6 month photo shoot!

For my baby shower Logan's Godmother gave us a gift of photos for Logan's newborn, 3, 6, 9 & 12 month milestones. She is a much loved family friend and an extremely talented photographer. I am so pleased with all the photos she has done for our family, especially photos of Logan, and finally this shoot he was awake & happy. Not only did we do 6 month photos but we did some of him in his baptism outfit....but thats for another day! Here's a sneak peak at a few of our favourites!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The difference a week makes!

I can't believe the difference just one week makes. It seems like things a bit smoother around here! I have my happy, eating, sleeping little prince back!!

Logan is sleeping much better! He is going to sleep between 7 & 8 pm and going down AWESOME. Most nights I have been giving him a bottle mixed with formula and breastmilk, but not everynight. He goes down in his crib awake, he fights rocking all together now! And he just goes to sleep. He wakes up once between 11 & 2 and I nurse and offer a bottle too (and sometimes I sleep and Les gives him a bottle!!). Then he wakes again at 5 or 6 am, I bring him in our bed then and he nurses and we fall back asleep till about 7, he nurses again and we snuggle/doze until 8:30 or 9:00 am.
However, it does seem we have a new sleep issue, this kid MOVES! he rolls and gets stuck on his side up against the rails, on his tummy, in a corner. Or when he comes in bed with us he pulls at us, kicks us, lays sideways! I can't believe how much he gets around!
We have even been having a good streak of daytime crib naps! I lay him down, turn on his music and projector and he falls asleep, and sleeps much longer then he normally does in my arms! I hope we are on to something here!

His mood has been great too! He has been happy and playful. He LOVES his toes and loves giving kisses! I am really enjoying him!

And the food! Man can this kid eat! I thought I would take things slow and just offer one solid meal a day, at our dinner time. Well, Logan has other ideas! One morning I was eating a banana and he attacked me and devoured 1/3 of it! So I decided to do breakfast & dinner. I DO want breastmilk to be his primary source of nutrition still aftetr all! Well then I went to my grandma's for lunch and he wanted some! I am not going to serve 3 meals daily, but if he is interested we will let him try when he wants to. It is baby led after all!
I am amazed at how well he manipulates food. I swell with pride when I watch him pick up food, examine it and very efficiently get it to his mouth! However the mess it well, a mess! If we had a dog he would be in his glory!! So far we have introduced: green beans, avocado, potatoes, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat toast, hummus (on the toast), banana, peaches, spaghetti squash, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, grilled cheese, scrambled egg yokes, puffs, baby mum mums and arrowroot cookies (very occasionally!). We also give some purees, I usually load or dip the spoon and let him self feed, however often when I offer him the spoon he grabs my hand and guides it to his mouth, either way I figure its still baby led! He has had sweet potato, pear, and pears. We are really enjoying watching him explore in this way. I think I am going to let go and open up to other healthy options, including meats too.
This little boy wants to move! As soon as he is put down on his back he quickly flips right over! He can turn in a circle and and scootch about. He has started moving with purpose, he sees something he wants and he is just so determined to get it! He rolled 4 times in a row the other day right off the throw rug & blanket! I don't even know why I put down the blanket anymore, as you can see here he quickly makes his way off of it!
Today our mommy group went to the movies and Logan was a superstar! He liked the big screeen, watched for a bit, then nursed, napped and woke up just before the end. We will be doing that again for sure!