Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Months!!

Logan you are two months old!! Time is going by so quickly and you are growing and changing so fast! Everyday we look at you & can't believe you are ours!! We are so in love.
You weigh 11lbs 14oz! And you are 22 & 3/4 inches long! You are in the 10-25 percentile for both your height & weight. You have more then doubled your birthweight already!
You are in size 1 diapers and probably will be moving to a size 2 soon!
I packed away the last of your newborn clothes today, and I cried. My baby is growing too fast! You are wearing size 0-3 & 3 months, I think you will only wear these for a short time!
You still LOVE to eat and let us know when you are hungry!
You don't sleep thru the night yet but thats OK, you are a very good sleeper, you wake up & eat every 2-4 hours and then go right back to sleep!
You have been going to sleep in your own crib for a few weeks now. Mommy rocks & snuggles you and then you go in yor crib & go to sleep all on your own! You still come in our room after your first feeding & sleep in your bassinet. My favourite time is after your first feed of the morning when you come into our bed & snuggle with mom!
You are so strong! You love your bumbo already & do so well with tummy time.
You love to be "worn" and spend lots of time in your wrap or swing attached to mommy or with daddy in your Jeep carrier.
Bath time is one of your favourite things. You love water & like to take baths or showers with mommy or daddy, you get so excited when you hear the water running!
We love you so much Logan and are having so much fun watching you grow. YOu are the most perfect gift we could have ever wanted!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life as I know it...

Everything has changed, its different, there is no going back & I wouldn't have it any other way. Our home & family are so upside down & totally complete all at once. I can't imagine being any happier, or sleepier! Logan is growing & changing so quickly it makes me sad! He is 7 weeks today! Where did the time go!? He weighed 9lbs at his last appointment & is still a great eater! He sleeps well at night, but is still eating every 3 hours or so. This last weel he has become so much more alert, he thinks he's a big boy! He wants to be sitting up looking out, not snuggled into momma anymore. He is starting to notice lights & toys & people so much more.

After a few hard fussy evenings I realized that my little boy was asking me to put him to bed! After weeks of him being in the livingroom with is until we went to bed he just couldn't take the stimulation. He was crying and nursing, but getting frusturated because he didn't want it. Poor little man. For the past 3 nights we have done bath or shower, story, feed, & then rocking with the sound machine on. Each night the rocking has taken less & less time. He sleeps in his crib until his first feeding & then he is in bed with us, however that is more for my convenience. I am too lazy to walk to the other room! Once he drops one of those night feedings we will see about putting him in his room for the night. Thank God for the angel care monitor-its the only way I feel OK about this!

Last Sunday we took L to church for the first time! Look at how sweet he looked all dressed up in his Sunday best! What a little man!
Here is L's 5 week photo...he is already so much bigger!!
Here he is at 6 weeks, doesn't he look more grown up! Its a little bittersweeet, I am trying so hard to savour each moment! He is jsut starting to smirk in this photo but I have gotten a few great smiles from him this week!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reaching Out

I absolutely LOVE being home with Logan, every single second of it. I so wish I could be a SAHM, and equally feel blessed that I will only be returnign to work part-time next summer. That being said somedays I just go completely stir crazy, I have been going on a lot of walks (good for my weight loss) and trips to the mall/store (bad for our budget).

I have also been struggling with some friend issues. My friends adore Logan, and at the same time have zero understanding of what its like to be a new mommy. They don't understand needing to arrange fora sitter, or just not wanting to leave your baby to go somewhere you are not particlarly interested in going.

Finally, I feel like 90% of the baby duty falls on me. Yes, Les works fulltime HOWEVER he has 5 day stretchs off work every 4 days, which means he is here with me a lot. Despite this I still do most of the hands on, which I love but at the same time I feel like I need a little escape. Besides work Les has been fitting in golfing, wing nights, basketball, etc. I need mommy time.

So for all of these reasons combined I have decided to do a little reaching out. I am super excited about it. I signed L & I up for mommy & baby exercise and massage classes on Monday mornings. There will be other moms with babes under 10 months there. I think it will be great for me to interact with other mommies & I also think it will be good for Logan & I to do together. I have also signed myself up for sewing classes Tuesday nights. Les bought me a sewing machine & I really want to get some real lessons, I am actually very excited about this. I am a little anxious about leaving Logan once a week for 2 & 1/2 hrs but I know it will be good for both of us. Most weeks Les will be home with him, daddy & baby time is important too! The few weeks Les is working my mom is babysitting, which I know they will both LOVE!

Just as I was feeling really good about this another opportunity came up. I was approached by an old acquintance about joining a moms of prescoolers (MOPS) group on Thursday mornings at a local church. I debated & prayed about it & decided this is exactly what I need. Although it is a different denomination then we practice (we are Catholic Christians & it is a protestant church) I think it will be very good for me. I feel like I could use a fire to be lit in my spiritual life, perhaps this is exaclty it. I attended youth group at the church as a teenager & really enjoyed it.

So I think its safe to say that Logan & I will not be bored at all durign the next 8 weeks. All of these activities are for September & October. I will write about how things are going, but I think it will be really great for both of us!

And just because he is so cute, here is my little monkey asleep with his seahorse, he loves that thing! Look at his little hand on it! I could just eat him up!!