Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming home outfit & a better day!

Man was I emotional yesterday! Although I still feel warranted in my feelings I don't usually get THAT upset over such things! Today however was a much better day. After sleeping in I went & saw Dr.J, I will give details in tomorrow's post, however all went well. He is going to start seeing me weekly already because he is slightly concerned about the swelling in my legs/feet/ankles and the headaches I have been having. Next week is my GBS swab, great. I brought a gift basket in to the unit I was on in the hospital , everyone there was awesome to me.

This afternoon we went to see a movie which I don't think we have done in years, I cheated a bit with my diet & had popcorn, I am sure the salt is just great for my swelling but it was delicious! Then we did a bit of shopping & came home for dinner. We are in the market for a new camera & think we have coem to a decision on what we want, hopefully Les can feel like he is getting a good deal & we can just buy it already! LOL

We have decided on BB's home coming outfit! I reallyy debated on this, its actually funny how it ended up coming together. I had gotten no NB clothes at all so I went out & bought one laayette set & a 5 pack of onesies with coordinating pants from carter's I figure that will be enough to get us thru the first little bit, I have about 5 oneisies & 7 outfits in 0-3 months as well. I settled on the NB layette for home, it was a green set with bears, suting since we have a "baby bear" coming! However I had always envisioned bringing BB home in white I figured it just wasn't meant to be!

Well, my mom brought over this cute little weight set that was a hat, booties & a bib, with little bears on it. I thought it was so sweet but obviously not an outfit. Then my neighbour brought over a gift, a beautiful blanket that matches my mom's gift perfect, all in white & gray. Then I all of a sudden remembered buying a set of onesies in 0-3 months that was similar, I dug it out & it was part of the set, all from Children's Place! I paired it with little white pants they we may leave off if its warm, as it most likely will be. I am so happy with the little set, here are some photos!
This is a photo of it all together, too cute! I will be bringing a white bow as well, in case its a girl!
This is a close up of the detail on the blanket, of love the satin trim & the Bear is so fitting!

This is the little outfit, along with the pants of we use them. I think its just too sweet!
Here is just the onesie, it has little Bears & ABC blocks on it, similar to the blanket above.
The hat as well as the cute little bib! I still can't believe how this all came together so perfect!
Finally the sweet little booties! I can't wait to see this all on BB, its going to be perfect!


Michelle said...

SUCH an adorable outfit! I'm glad you are feeling better today. How exciting to wait until the birth to find out if it's a boy or girl! Did you guys decide to keep it a secret all along? BTW.. my favorite color is green and I'm pretty obsessed. The baby's room is BEAUTIFUL! You've got me thinking that when we have children maybe I'll wait on the sex so I can just buy and decorate everything GREEN! :)

Laura said...

The outfit is sooo cute! I hadn't even thought about the coming home outfit yet... I better get on that!