Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mommy & her boy

Here I am tonight with my little man. He is still SO yellow! The jaundice is a bit worse today however he is not acting AT ALL like a sick baby. He is very active & alert & eats like a little champ. My breasts are super sore I have an over supply issue and a super fast let down but we are working thru these small issues. I feel so blessed that the only issue we are dealing with is the ABO incompatibility & jaundice, there are so many other things are preemie could be dealing with.
I hope to post my birth story soon, I have to find the notes Les made while I was in labour & find the time to sit down & write it. I must say tho that my recovery has been much easier then I anticipated. I am feeling pretty good, just super tired from beign up & nursing etc. Today I went to my mom's & showered & did my hair, which made me feel a bit more human! I asked Les to bring me up some pants to wear & he accidently grabbed some pre-pregnancy pants, i was shocked that they fir very comfortably. I weighed myself today & am only 4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully with nursing & being busy I can lose some of the extra weight I started with. I only ended up gaining 20 lbs the entire pregnancy & was so swollen in the end I am sure at least those last 5 lbs were mostly water weight. Its all so worth it tho, I just love being a mommy, so eager to get my little boy home!

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Scullyhoyy said...

What a great picture!! He is super cute!