Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First ultrasound!!

Well after much confusion I had my first ultrasound today. I have been having some pain to my right side & wanted to make sure that everything was OK before jetting off to the Philippines for a month! Unfortunatley Les was working so he didn't get to come! I got pictures for him! Little Bear looks great! He or she is measuring great at 8wk exactly, which I will be tomorrow. I got to see the little heart beating away, I almost cried! The rate was 153 beats per minute. Here is my beautiful little bear, looking a bit like a bean!

Everything else has been going great. I still have my up & down days and I am definetly still tired. I have told a few more close friends. Its getting more & more exciting. I got a gift of scrapbooking supplies all pregnancy & baby related so I am pretty excited to start scrapbooking about this pregnancy! Probably when we get home form our trip I will have a chance to get caught up on my wedding scrapbook & then I can turn my attention to a baby scrapbook.
Baby Bear, mommy was so happy to see you today! Its amazing that you are inside me & your sweet little heart is beating away. I am letting Lolo & Lola tell people about you know, so before long the world will know your coming! Stay strong & cozy in there & in a few weeks I will get to see you om another ulrasound! Love you lots!

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