Sunday, February 22, 2009

2nd Trimester

Wow! I jsut can't believe it, I am so happy to reach another milestone in this pregnancy! This weekend I officially cross the threshold into the 2nd trimester! I expected that magically I would wake up & feel wonderful, revitalized. That my heartburn/nausea/vomiting would be a thing of the past & that my constant fatigue & mental fogginess would be nothing but a distant memory. Man was I wrong! Its all still here! Thats OK I decided early on I would take any and all of these pregnancy symptoms instride, I would happily endure it, anything to ensure my little bear is well.
I am ever expanding, while the scale still has me at about 6 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight NOTHING fits me. I am so lucky that I wear roomy scrubs for a living, although several people at work commented that I am starting to show. I am down to a single pair of pre=pregnancy pants that were lose & are now snug. I went to old navy in search of a few peices of clothign to add to my sad little wardrobe, I managed to find a pair of pants, that of course need to be hemmed. They are cute tho. I am hopeing to have more luck when I go shopping with mom on Tuesday. My belly is definetly thicker & harder, under the flab. I am nto feeling remotely cute or round, just fat. I can't wait for it to actually look like a little pregnancy bump, not just like I've been a little over indulgent!
My newest pregnancy woe, trouble sleeping. Never ever in my life have I had trouble sleeping. My two favourite things are eatign & sleeping & both are slowly slipping away from me! At least I can still enjoy most foods, its just a little later when they coem back up thats not so nice. But this sleeping thing could really become an issue.
Tomorrow is take two for the NT scan. Baby Bear was very uncooporative last week, hopefully he or she will get in the right position for this one. It abxolutely is great for me tho, I love seeing my little one on the screen, a beautiful littl eheart beating away. I also love now that he/she is lookign lie a real baby seeing the dancing & wiggling, Les' reaction is priceless! I will post our pics from tomorrow ASAP!

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