Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Mine

Ahhh I'm pregnant, I know this is a known fact by now, but I'm FEELING pregnant. Of course I still have all the crappy side effects (sorry baby its true!) like heartburn, nausea, exhaustion. But now I am finally starting to show (for those who know I am PG they can tell) and I am PRETTY SURE I felt a little squirmy bubbly in my tummy this morning, my sweet little babe moving.

I have been terrible with my blogging. I am finding it a little difficult to juggle work, the house, etc. Thank God Les has been totally wonderful & helping a lot around the house. He even did the toilets for he first time ever. I will try to keep it up to once a week starting this week, as tomorrow, at 15 wks my belly pictures will officially start!

Thanks to mom & my sisters the shower planning is well underway. Thanks to my MIL the drama is well underway. I have decided to jsut stand up to her tell her this shower is being hosted by my mother & she will be doign all of the arrangements, should you want it to be run a different way perhaps you should throw a seperate shower.

I am getting excited about the nursery as well, hopefully soon we will get a move on emptying the closet & putting up an organizer. Once we decide on the beddign I can order it & match up soem paint to get a start on that as well. I think we have decided to go with a modern look & not theme, greens, browns & yelllows. I will be excited to see it all come together.

We had another ultrasound last week in a final attempt to get the NT measurement. No success, our little bear was being a stinker again & insisted on standing on his or her head. He or she did wiggle around sufficiently so we could see how active & playful he/she was. But no measurement, all else looked well, HB in the 150's & she turned on the sound so we could hear it. Again our bear is measurign a few days ahead, I jsut know this is gonna be a big baby!

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