Saturday, March 14, 2009

16 weeks

This is my 16 week photo, I actually think I see a difference from last week! Maybe its just the stripes? I am definetly feeling my little bear moving in there now! Lots of little flutters mostly at night & early in the morning when I am laying down in bed. Everything else is pretty much the same symptom wise, I am tired all the time & heartburn is brutal, but otherwise I really LOVE being pregnant. I can't wait to be a mommy!
I found out today that one of my friends is pregnant, I am so happy for her. They had a loss last spring & have been tryign for almost a year. Its early and I pray that all goes well for them. It will be so nice to have someone else to be pregnant with for the next 5 months!
Yesterday little bear gave us a big scare again. I got up to go to the bathroom & felt a gush. I had a large amount of bright red bleeding, like a period. I freaked out & we headed to the hospital. The nurses treated me liek I was over reacting, but it really unsettled me to see so much blood. We listened for the heartbeat, good & strong in the 150s, where it usually is. Dr. J was called, he wanted me ot have an ultrasound. The tech did a bunch of views both abdominally & vaginally & then left and got the radiologist, who also took more pictures, this worried me. It turns out they were beign very cautious as my placenta is very close to the cervix, they wated to be sure it wasn't covering it, which it wasn't. Dr. J told me to take the weekend off work & just "take it easy". I see him on Tuesday, I think its a strong possibility I will be off work now. I am totally fien with that, I will do anything for the safety of this baby & this pregnancy. Please continue to pray for us!
I am continuing to debate over the nursery decor, I just want it to be perfect! I will post a blog soon with my ideas & inspirations once I figure them out myself!

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theweathermanswife said...

I hope everything works out! If you do need maternity scrubs, I ordered them from I bought cherokee flexees (sp?), both tops and bottoms. Good luck!