Friday, March 6, 2009

Marginal Placenta Previa

Well we had another big scare yesterday. I was having more spotting, it was a bit more then I had at 12 weeks. I was debating about going to work or calling the doctor. I decided to call the office & they were wonderful! They instructed me absolutely not to go to work & said Iw as welcome to come into the office if it would make me feel better. I went in, Dr.J was away so I saw another docotor in his office, Dr.R. I am very lucky to know all of the OBs in this city. She listened to baby, who sounded great, took my blood pressure, which was high (since I was so anxious) then she checked me, my cervix is long, thick & closed, exactly how we want it to be. To be safe she sent me to OB triage at the hospital, where I work, for an emergency ultrasound. After a long day at the hospital & gettign to see my little bear dancign on the screen once again I was given the diagnosis of marginal placenta previa, meaning my placenta attached to close to the cervix, while ot is not covering it it is only 1mm away, which can cause bleeding. There is a very good chance that I will bleed again during the pregnancy, and that I will eventually end up on bedrest. There is a possiblity that the placenta will migrate, but the closer the placenta is to the os the less likely this is. they have said it is OK for me to continue working part-time for now, but I must rest on my days off & after work. I also cannot do any strenuous activity or exercise and I am on strict pelvic rest. I will have to stop working if I bleed again. If the placenta does not migrate I will have to have a c-section at 37 weeks, which does not upset me at all. Everything else has been very stressful, obviously I am very worried about the baby, although DR.R assured me she does not think the safety of the baby is currently at risk. I am also worried about the financial concern of having to go off early, but we will figure all of that our later.
Les has been wonderful about working full-time and helping around the house. My mom & sisters have also offered to come regularly and helpw ith hosuework as I am supposed to take it easy. I really don't care what I am have to sacrifice I just want my little bear to be OK.
Please God watch over me & our baby. Please let my pregnancy continue & be healthy, please bless us with a healthy baby this August, thank you for all of our blessings. Pleasae anyone who reads this blog pray for me & my baby.

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