Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Started the Nursery!

While Les was on vacay the past two week he was my handy man! He got so much done around the house! Especially in Baby Bears room!

This is a before shot of the room, which served as a catch all/laundry station

Les worked so hard cleaning out the room. We put the laundry stuff int he laundry room & a lot of the furniture as well...it will be sonice one day when that basement gets finished! Then he put in a closet organizer, which was VERY needed for baby bear's stuff. We picked up some bins at Taget to use to store little things. I think it looks great!

He also got the entire room painted! I love the colour! It is asparagus by BEHR. It matches the bedding perfect! Its such a nice colour! It wa s a little bright going up at first, but now that it has dried, it looks amazing. Here is Les painting!

I am so excited to get the rest of the room put together! It will have to wait until the furniture coems in & then until the showers for the bedding & a lot of the accessories. My sister thinks it is a bit boyish, I am going for gender nuetral however think a bit more boy then girl is OK.

Our ultrasound is next week, I hope baby cooperates and keeps his or her gender a surprise! I have been doing very well resisting the urge to shop for clothes! I am trying SO HARD to wait until after at least my first shower before I buy antyhing. I am sure we will be spoiled, however I still expect to buy socks, mitten, etc. My second shower is not until July 26th, I will be 36 weeks!! That is a litte late for my liking but I dont' really have a say, I will porbably pick up some essesntials before then as I am too worried about leaving a lot until after then.

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Scullyhoyy said...

Love the color!! Yay for getting the nursery started:)