Friday, March 20, 2009

Nursery Obsessed!

Well now that I am pretty much on house arrest & spend most of my time surfing the web I have become completely obsessed with the nursery. Les is on a 2 week vacay so he actually got a start on clearing out the closet!! Our goal for these two weeks is to havet he closet organizer put in as well as to have the room emptied.

We spent a little bit of time on the web followed by wandering around Toys R Us this week. And FINALLY we have agreed on a crib set as well as a bedding set. I am so happy! I was really beginning to be tempted to find out if this little one is a boy or a girl because we just could not decide on bedding. I was torn between two sets, both I had to go to the US for & one needed to be ordered online, a real pain! WELL we found one of these sets at Toys R Us! which means we can register for it! I am so excited!! And it happens to be the set Les really likes! We also found a 3 peice lifetime crib set that we love. Here is the crib set & the bedding:

We plan on painting the room green, like in the bedding to make it more gender nuetral. I would also like to do a chocolate brown stripe all the way around the room, I am still trying to win Les over on this one! I wasn't going to go with a themed room but decided I will only decorate a few nurseries & might as well go all out. We have decided on an espresso glider to match with a beige cushion. I feel liek everything is startign to come together!

The OBs office called, my next ultrasound is going to be April 7th, its the "big" anatomy scan & they will also be checking my placenta. I have not had any more bleeding since being off work so hopefully the extra rest is helping! By Tuesday I should have most of my employment insurance papers done & my payments should start coming in about 4 weeks. Its no where near what I would be making if I was working but the baby is worth it & its better then nothing! Our tax returns shoudl be done next week as well, I am a little anxious about this, hopefully we are OK!

These past few nights the baby has been super active, he or she must be getting stronger because I am feeling a lot more movement! I love it! Babe is most active in the evening from about 10pm-12pm, even once I get into bed I can usually feel little wiggles. A few more weeks & hopefulyl Les can share this with me! I think he is really starting to get excited as well, I think the more I show the more it seems real to him, just wait till we have a nursery set up!

We plan on registering next month after the big ultrasound. Until then I will keep up with my planning & browsing trying to make up my mind! I hope to have a lot of what I want decided on to make the actual process go smoother!

I will try to blog more often, however my life these days is not very exciting! I spend lots of time bumping & surfing the web. I try to limit my outings to twice a week and only about 2 hrs at a time. I don't want to stress my body, I am home to care for me & the baby so thats my goal. Hopefully this week I will get my scrapbooking station set up & get a good start on that as well!

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