Wednesday, March 25, 2009

18 weeks!!

Today I am 18 weeks! Its unbelievable how fast this pregnancy is going! I can't believe how big this belly is getting either! Thats OK its all baby, or I like to tell myself. As pregnancy symptoms go things are certainly improving in some areas, and quickly worsening in others. My nausea is much better, although I wouldn't say cured, it still rears its head occasionally. Hertburn, OMG, I thought I suffered from indigestion before, now its INSANE! I could not live without Zantac & Gaviscon. The fatigue, that was supposed to diminish in 2nd tri has not. I am SO tired, many days I feel like the walking dead. My sleep is getting interupted as well, this is very unusual for me, I usually sleep wonderfully. But lately....ugh its like I just barely fall into a light sleep, then wake to pee, or turn or because my sciatica kills, or my tailbone is throbbing...I guess my body is preparing me for motherhood! I am hungry all the time. Its incredible, in my defense tho I am only able to eat mini meals, its like my stomach capacity has shrunk & my digestion rate has multiplied, I eat and 15 minutes later I am hungry! Although I am quickly expanding I have only gained back the weight i lost in 1st tri, we will see what my 20 week appointment reveals.

April 7th I see Dr.J. I also have my next ultrasound that day. Its the "big one", although we are still holding strong on team green, no gender reveals for us! Hopefully this little one cooperates & doesn't give us a full on crotch shot unexpectantly! I am anxious to ensure that all is well with Baby Bear. We have not gotten the screening resuls back yet, but Dr.J assures us no news is good news Apparently bad results are faxed to him ASAP while negative results take their time comign via snail mail. Also the fact that our little one would have none of the measurements is good as well, as abnormal measurements are easy to get. So hopefully he is right! They will also be chacking my placenta, to see if it has migrated at all while I have been "resting". I know it sounds terrible & obviously all I really care about is Little Bear's well being but i would not be devestated if it was still a previa. Now that I have worked out all my EI stuff with work & I am home its working for us, also shifts at work are seldom right now. Also I am totally OK with a booked section, its actually my dream come true, however I have just prayed that God's will be done.

We started our registry at Babies R Us in the states today. It was fun, I was prepared so I pretty much knew what we were sticking too, but had to remind Les of this! We wanted to keep it small as we only ave a few American family/friends & wanted to have a better selection on our Canadian registries, where most of our guests are from. I love all the baby stuff! Its taking enormous restraint to limit my purchases, but so far so good. I am hoping to control myself until after the showers, to see what we are gifted before I go out and buy too much. I am happy with the nursery progress, since Les is on vacay he has been wonderful. He got the closet organizer up & today I bought some bins to go inside, it looks great. I also got a few cute pegged racks to go with out jungle theme. Les is contemplating starting the painting, which I think wounds great! The more we can get done the better!

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