Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17 weeks-Off work!

17 weeks today! Baby Bear is the size of an onion! Baby is doing great, heartbeat was wonderful & my ute was measuring right on. My placenta however continues to be a problem. I had a lot more bleeding on Friday & so after reviewing my ultrasounds Dr.J has decided to take me off work for the rest of my pregnancy. He was pretty clear about my restrictions as well & Les was there for the appointment so hopefully that helps him understand that this is serious. I am too spend most of my time at home, sitting & takeing it east, only light housework & simple meal prep. No laundry, floors, vacuuming, etc. Thank God for my mom, she will be comign everyone Sunday to do a major sweep thru of the house. Hopefully in between Les & I can keep it somewhat put together. He has 2 weeks vacay starting today, I am really hopeing he can get a good start on the nursery. I would like closet organizers put in & the room emptied out.

Everyone IRL likes to point out how huge I am. I know that my bump looks quite round for a mere 17 weeks, but I am not huge. As of now I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight & the belly is measuring at 16, babe is also right on track. Neither of us are giant! Thank you very much. Despite all this drama as I liek to call it I really love beign pregnant. I love looking pregnant, for once in my life I am not self-conscious abotu my weight, I think I look wonderful belly & all. I feel pretty good most of the time & I love knowing that I am nurturing a beautiful being. I am starting to feel little flutters more & more. I can't wait till I feel solid kicks a few weeks from now. I am so excited for when Les can feel baby move as well. We read to Baby Bear every night, a Dr.Suess book, Calvin the Cat enjoys story time as well. He has also aken up a new interest in laying on my belly, I wonder if he can sense a change?

Dear Baby Bear, momma loves you so, I hope you can feel that in your sweet little heart. I am so happy that you are goin to be our baby, I can't wait to meet yo & see your sweet little face. Please keep growing strong & well. Mommy promises to do her part out here, so you do yours & stay cozy int here for about 5 more months mkay? Love you lots peanut, your momma

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