Friday, December 16, 2011

22 weeks & Christmas Photos!

I'm 22 weeks! Ducky is moving so much these days! I just love it. I'm trying to savour every moment of this pregnancy (its hard with #2!!) becuase we really aren't sure if there will be a third little one for us or not. I can't even THINK about this being my last baby but I'm trusting my heart will know when our family is complete. Luckily at just 28 we have many years to decide! My cervix is still short, and I'm continuing to have a lot of cramps and pressure; because of this Dr.J decided its best if I am off work for now. He also started me on progesterone to try and help settle my cramps. I need Ducky to keep growing in there! Perhaps next week I will post another comparison photo from last time!
Its hard to be on modified bedrest with a two year old at home, however, I can't say how WONDERFUL Logan has been! He spends lots of time snuggling, reading and doing quiet play beside me. He brings me his diapers to change him. And he has been spending a lot more time in indepdent play, his imagination is amazing. He is the best gift I've ever been given.
Les and I are trying to sort thru soem dynamics. I'm trying my hardest to rest, he understands the need for this, but at the same time he works all day and finds it hard to come home to things being disorganized (which things very much are these days!).
I trust we will find the right balance!
Here are Logan's Christmas photos!! I LOVE them! They are by Focal Point Photography, I just can't belive what a big boy he looks like in them!!

And we went to see Santa! He was SO excited and did amazing! What a difference from last year! My boy is growing up FAR too quickly! He told Santa that he would like a tow truck! This is going to be such a magical Christmas with him!

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