Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost a big boy!!

I can't believe how quickly Logan is growing up!

He is talking a ton now and can completely communicate his needs/wants with us.

Whats even better is we can explain and reason (to a degree) with him.

We try to give him choices often so that he learns abotu consequences and feels a sense

of control over his life.

Logan has had a pacifier, or "guk" as well call it since he was born. Before he even went to breast he was given a guk to soothe him because he wasn't well enough to nurse.

He has become VERY attached to his guk. We worked hard on limiting it

to naps, bed and car trips.

But I'll be honest. He often found one and I let him have it, especially if we

were having a quiet day in.

Or if he was sick, which wiht his asthma is often.

Usually is was just when he was sleepy or watching TV in the evening with
me or kitty that he would really want it.

However sometimes when he was playing he would want it to.

Often I could distract him enough and slip it away and if we were busy

he didn't really ask for it.

I began to really worry about how we would get rid of it!

The guk fairy? give it to a baby? cut the end?

What if he cried and screamed for it?

We were/are hoping to do a trip this fall so I decided to focus on potty training

and wait until AFTER the trip.

A goal of having it gone by the new year was made!

The week of his birthday I sent cupcakes and a camera to school.

His teachers were great and took pictures for us.

I was shocked to see Logan had his guk the entire day!

And he was the only one who did!

Well something very interesting happened in our house on July 29th,

just 5 days after he turned two.

After his regular 3 bedtime stories he asked for his new Dora book to be read again.

On a whim (as I was going to get a guk) I said "do you want me to read your Dora book or do you want a guk?" he replied "Dora Book!" I explained that if he picked his Dora

book his guk would be gone and he wouldn't have it anymore

that he would have to go to sleep without it.

Again, he said "Dora Book!" (Yes you read that right I unintentionally bribed my child!)

I read the Dora book and turned off the light. He didn't even ask for it.

And he went right to sleep!!

I went thru the house and gathered up all the guks.

He didn't ask for it the next day at all, even at naps & bed.

The following day he did, I jsut reminded him they were gone and he was fine.

He asked for one maybe 5 times total in the days to follow.

Never a tear, no crying.

He was sick last week and saw some at the store and asked "guk gone"

I said yes honey the guks are gone.

I am indrecibly proud of my big boy. We are almost a month later and completely

guk free!!

I am still shocked at how smooothly it went, but I guess its because

he was really ready for it to be gone!!

My handsome boy is one his way to being a big boy!

I'm not sure I'm ready for this!!

Thank Goodness he still loves his mama snuggles!


Laney said...

WTG Logan! He is getting so big & so handsome :)

Jillian said...

WOW!! I have been trying to get rid of EMerson's but the first nigh she woke up all night! I was exhausted and I gave up:(