Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Picking!

I love the fall!! I'm sorry if any readers still exsist! Our life is officially totally crazy.
School seems to be going well, I am overwhelmed and even a little surprised with the amount
of work that it entails! I am not dumb tho (as I feared) and while I am surviving on a shockingly small amount of sleep I am doing well (I think!).
Les and I are still working on finding the right balance but we are trying.
The house is suffering, Thank God for my mom, she is such a huge help to us!
Its Fall, the weather here has been perfect. I love milkd jean and sweater weather!
We went apple picking last weekend. I am DETERMINED to still have quality family time!
This means most nights I am up till 2am or late doing school work, and I'm up by 8 (5:30 if its a work day!) to get our day going!
I'm tired but all is going very well! I promise to try and update more often!
Here is our little family! Makes my heart swell!
Logan loved up every second of it!
The apples were delicious I'm hoping to find time to bake later today!
He looks so grown up in this photo, it kills me!
With my friends little one!
Train Ride!
Hay Pile Climbing. He would love country living! Too bad mama's not cut out for it!

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Sonya said...

He's so big! Holy cow!